Friday, April 12, 2013

Revoltech Griffon Part 4 [Final]

Dog fight

The last posting on the review of Revoltech Griffon already. ^^

While its articulation design is impressive enough to generate plenty of great action poses on its own, as shown since the previous posting, it's no fun if its arch-rival from the TV series of "Patlabor", Ingram Unit 1 isn't involved. ^^

With Ingram Unit 1.

Now that I have the two of them in Revoltech format, that rivalry, particularly the dogfight between them can be realized, to a somewhat accurate level. ^^

I have given up on using Griffon's own Revoltech stand because it's very difficult using the stand to balance the figure's action pose, which much compliment that of Ingram 1 at the same time. ^^; Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver. is used instead.

A lot of twisting and posing is done to get them to be close enough for the fighting poses shown above, and I think I managed to get most of what I had in mind when I thought of reviewing Griffon. ^^ In actuality, certain memorable scenes from the anime are not possible to be realized by the two figures due to their articulation range and the joints' design. Real life is just full of disappointment, as expected. ^^;

Despite its age, Griffon is quite a nice Revoltech figure. ^^ Its articulation design may not be special as compared to other Revoltech figures, the joints are very effective in supporting a wide range of action poses. As a result of that, even though posability is usually the emphasis for Revoltech figures, the sharp sculpt work, shiny black paint job with delicate detail treatment seems to be more impressive on Griffon in my opinion. ^^ For that, this Revoltech release certainly did well to realize the mecha's villainous image as seen in the TV series, and it's very nice to have that "packaged" as a fully posable action figure too. ^^

Griffon will return in the future when I decided to unpack and review Ingram Unit 2. ^^

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