Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Revoltech Griffon Part 1

Shiny but sticky

The second Revoltech review this year, after Sci-fi Revoltech Skeleton Army in early January will be on a vintage release from the series back in the old days. ^^

Released in 2007, this is Type-J9 Griffon from "Mobile Police Patlabor". This is the flight type, the only version of Griffon shown in the TV series. Apart from the release year, its product number of 20 - the 20th entry in the Revoltech line is a clear indication of its vintage status. ^^ On top of that, the sub-series name of Yamaguchi had not been added at this stage and the series was still called Revoltech only. Looking at the fact that the Yamaguchi line itself is in its hundreds in terms of releases right now, and more than 10 sub-series have been created since its debut in 2006, Revoltech certain came a long way since Griffon and the other older releases. ^^

Not even this smaller box design of Griffon is used now in the entire Revoltech series. ^^

In terms of the mecha, Griffon is my second favorite design in the TV series of "Patlabor", after Ingram 1. ^^ True to its story setting, Griffon is the definite archrival of the protagonist mecha in the show. The Ingrams were created for law and order, the Griffon was designed purely to fight against the mobile police force it seems. Its deployment which caused troubles to its own company, the police forces and even the military is plain chaotic in nature - nobody really knew what it trying to accomplish, even after the fight was concluded. The polar opposite color scheme between Griffon and the Ingrams is a very nice testament to their rivalry as well. ^^

In terms of merchandising, Griffon would have to be the "non-Ingram"-type mecha from the show with the most merchandise release. ^^ While that sounds pretty awesome, the number of releases for both its model kit and action figure is actually quite limited. ^^; Just for this flight type, apart from the first plamo kit to compliment the TV series when it first aired between 1989 and 1990, Bandai released the Master Grade 1/35 scale version in 2002. More recently, Kotobukiya released the D-Style deformed version in 2010. In terms of action figure, CM's Corporation's Brave Gokin figure is the only other release to get if you're not into this Revoltech version. ^^; Still, the options are there for fans of this black mecha.

I do have the Master Grade version, which I acquired quite some time ago when it was given a reissue. Then again, I have plans to work on other model kits at the moment, ones not from the "Patlabor" series in general. ^^; So that MG Griffon, the only other Griffon in my collection will have to wait even longer before I start working on it. My penchant for leaving some super-duper precious model kits to be done last is the cause of the delay here. I got this Revoltech version, along with VF-1S Strike Valkyrie and Revy from a local online forum member who was letting go some of his collection back in May last year. For been able to get all these vintage collectibles I missed in the past, I was very pleased with the deal. ^^

Apart from this flight type, the OVA Aqua type came out as Bandai's Master Grade 1/35 scale plamo kit version and Kaiyodo's Revoltech action figure in 2002 and 2008 respectively.

Front view of the box.

The figure itself can be seen clearly through the front window, even though its silhouette and details may be a bit unclear due to its color scheme.

Generic Revoltech design style for the sides, top and bottom. ^^

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

A duel scene featuring Ingram Unit 1 is shown. ^^

Since the box of Revoltech Ingram 1 was flattened soon after its review, here's the comparison between Griffon's box and that of Ingram Unit 2. ^^

Box open.

Top view of the box content.

Side and rear views of the box content.
You can see how "thick" the tray is to fit the wings of the figure. ^^

The plastic package that contains the display base and option hand units are held on the inner bottom side of tray with simple paper tape.

With the clear plastic cover taken off.
No accessory or option part is included on the top tray. ^^

Closeups on the content.

The usual small promo booklet is included.

The booklet is the same one included for VF-1S Strike Valkyrie, so I won't be spending any time here reiterating its content. ^^

A straight out of box display of Griffon.

The plastic package that holds the display base, stand and option hand units.

The very glossy finishing on the figure is unmistakable when the cover of the plastic tray is removed. It's a very nice touch on the figure that reflects the mecha's image as seen in the anime series. However, for some reason, some black parts on the figure feels kind-of greasy when I'm holding it. I'm not sure if that's a direct result of the paint work on the figure, or if that's how a figure feels like after being kept unopened for a very long time. ^^; Then again, it's not a horrible feeling to be exact, and the figure doesn't turn dirty or lose its shininess when that layer of grease is wiped off, but a bit of fingerprints on certain area is now unavoidable for the figure. ^^;

A look at the figure and its accessories in the next posting. ^^

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