Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random (61)

The more I looked at it, the more I wanted it

And that's exactly how this Chogokin Drossel from "Fireball Charming" joined my collection very recently. ^^

The Figma version that I got when she was released back in May 2012 remained unopened but I managed to convince myself to get Tamashii Nations' Chogokin version, which I resisted buying when she was released in January last year. The Figma version was already announced at that point and I had my pre-order set for her. Not only is the price lower - this Chogokin version is almost exactly twice the price, the Figma version has way more accessories and option parts as well. There's no difference between the two figures' articulation capabilities from their promotional images shown at that time too (nor did I see any difference in that aspect from their reviews after they were released).

Still, after more than a year after her release, reasons like "the base has voice gimmick", "gokin parts incorporated", "the preservation tube flower accessory (not included in the Figma version) is really beautiful" started to play around in my head after I read a detailed review on the Chogokin version a month back. Not able to shake off those thoughts after a few weeks, I decided to just go ahead and get her from an online store that still listed her to be available.

The desire to get this item was of course satisfied when the parcel arrived, but the experience of submitting to "reversed temptation" - 180-degree turn in resistance to a particular product (^^;) was rather new to me. Usually I only go for something I truly desire, and care very little on those I never wanted in the first place. I find myself on the fence for a few items in the past, and I deal with that by holding off any idea about them for a while before rethinking on the purchasing decision. After a few loops of that process, if the desire to get them is still strong, I will make my move. ^^ For Drossel, that concentrated dosage of desire to get the Chogokin figure with very little reservation was very unusual even to myself. ^^;

I'm really happy to be able to get Chogokin Drossel after all this while - Chogokin figures are usually "off the shelves, off the market"-type of collectibles that would be super difficult to regain after they are sold out, but what mysterious force behind that burning desire to get her is still quite a mystery to me, until now.

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