Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sci-fi Revoltech War Machine Part 1

Another black Revoltech figure appears

Going from the review of a black Revoltech action figure to the review of another black Revoltech action figure this time. ^^

This is Sci-fi Revoltech War Machine from "Iron Man 2". ^^ Not the "first" War Machine to appear on this blog, the 1/6 scale version from Hot Toys was reviewed back in May last year. Furthermore, I pre-ordered the S.H. Figuarts version from Tamashii Nations to be released next month, so this won't be the last review on this character either. ^^

Disregarding the Hot Toys' version for its size, I think the connection between this Sci-fi Revoltech version and the upcoming S.H. Figuarts release is pretty much a repetition of Mari Illustrious Makinami's story with her Revoltech Fraulein and Figma releases, ^^ except for the much longer release gap between the two versions (early October 2011 for this Sci-fi Revoltech version versus May 2013 for the upcoming S.H. Figuarts release). The question of "which one's better?" is going to be unavoidable. ^^; To some extend, when the release of the S.H. Figuarts version was confirmed earlier this year, I was determined to complete the review on this Sci-fi Revoltech version before May. ^^; I want to find out its design and features in details, just so that I can have some ideas on the other differences between the two not shown or mentioned in the product description for Tamashii Nation's offer. So far, except for more weapon and thruster gimmicks and a lighter color scheme, images of the S.H. Figuarts version don't reveal much of its differences as compared to this Sci-fi Revoltech version.

On that note, liking the character is a huge factor why I'm willing to get the upcoming S.H. Figuarts release despite having this Sci-fi Revoltech version. From a different perspective, that sentiment is the reason I won't prefer one over the other when I have both in my collection as well. ^^ And again, that's just a repetition of what I said about Mari Illustrious Makinami in Revoltech Fraulein and Figma versions anyway. ^^

Since the updated design of War Machine for "Iron Man 3" was unveiled, this "Iron Man 2" version has become the "obsolete" version I suppose, just from story perspective that is. ^^; Still, I find myself liking this older design more. I think that's due to its resemblance to Mark II in quite a few body components, which is an obvious outcome due to story implications as seen in the movie. I like its overall more polygonal design with more protruding "beef-up" areas (like the large shoulder armors and collars") more than the sleeker-looking new design for "Iron Man 3". Then again, there might be more than meets the eye that would change my opinion about it. I'm certainly looking forward to that when the movie comes out. ^^

Like the box design of Mark II, the Avengers Assemble emblem is shown with "Iron Man 2" movie label.

Standard Revoltech design style for the sides, top and bottom of the box.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

Comparison with Mark VI's box.

The hard cover that allows the package to be opened like a book, which gives the box a higher collection value. ^^

Introduction of the character and movie behind the paper cover.

The figure itself and almost all its accessories can be seen clearly through the front window.

Closeups on the content.

Box open.

Box content. Everything fit on one plastic tray.

Rear view of the plastic tray.

Package content with the clear plastic cover taken off.

Closeups on the content.

A mini booklet previewing upcoming Revoltech releases in 2011 and 2012.

A straight out-of-box War Machine.

Plastic wrappers between neck, the chest and waist and its thigh armor to be removed.

A cannon-less War Machine. ^^

As usual, an introduction of all the accessories and more images of the figure coming up next. ^^

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