Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Transformers DOTM Voyager Class Megatron Part 2

Not Mad Max enough

More images of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" Voyager Class Megatron in vehicle mode after the introduction yesterday.

Closeups on the details:

Bottom views:

Megatron's vehicle mode is a Mack M915 (LHRT) Line-Haul Replacement Tractor with oil tank. On this Voyager Class figure, the design is a very clean-looking rendition of the truck as compared to the actual design as seen in the movie. ^^ Apart from a hundred layers of mud and rust, there are plenty of spikes and nails sticking out all over the truck, plus unexplainable network of ropes and chains here and there as well. If there's indeed a zombie apocalypse coming soon, Megatron's all ready for it with his Mad Max-like battle truck. XD As mentioned before, this figure version isn't that crazy in terms of design, and the reason for that design difference is probably the same story as to why the robot mode looks so different between the figure and its movie design as well.

Still, the vehicle mode of Megatron in this Voyager Class figure has quite a lot of impressive details to observe. The tiny but unmistakable rivets on the roof, molded mechanical details on the sides of the trailer and the fabric-like details of the cape are very interesting to see. ^^ While the truck isn't dirty enough, some random placement of yellow patches on top of the oil tank and on the side of the rear wheels shows some effort was put in to give Megatron that "grizzled" look, even though I'm not sure if they represent dirt or rust. XD

The rear cover of the truck is just "stored" behind the truck with no special hook or attachment point to secure the connection. The accurate fitting of the parts allows the cover to stay on the truck very well, but it can be removed very easily too. ^^

Details behind the truck:

An interesting feature of the truck is the hinge joint that exists between the cab and the trailer (oil tank), which gives the trailer limited left and right bends.

The hinge joint's design is very special - its inclusion is entirely for the truck mode. ^^ The fifth wheel coupling where the hinge joint is located will form part of the robot mode's thighs, which don't feature the same kind of hinge movement as the truck's design. The designer could've excluded this joint and the transformation sequence would still be the same, nor would it cause any lost in articulation points on Megatron in robot mode. I'm very happy that the joint is there though, since it gives the truck different display possibilities.

The front portion of the oil tank can be separated to form Megatron's blaster/Fusion Cannon.

The blaster's muzzle is effectively hidden inside the rear portion of the tank in truck mode. ^^

Plenty of mechanical details on the weapon, which are unfortunately hard to see due to the molded color. ^^;

Like Shockwave's Fusion Cannon (technically called Particle Wave Blaster according to its box back intro), the "Mechtech" weapon gimmick lever to extend Megatron's blaster can be locked to keep the weapon in that state. To achieve this, the "ladder" behind the oil tank half is pushed inward and turned to its right.

Even more mechanical details are reveal with the weapon extension. ^^

The extended parts are not grasper I think, but longer barrel for the cannon instead. Their spring design is probably not accurate enough to push the barrels close enough to one another.

A peg beneath the cannon can be extended to pug onto Megatron's forearm or his back, or any 5mm Mechtech slot on other Transformers figures. ^^

There's a 5mm Mechtech slot on top of the cannon as well for other weapon parts to be connected to it.

A spring-loaded port on top of the truck cab can be used to mounted the Fusion Cannon.
The spring inside the port keeps the slot concealed when the weapon is not mounted. It's a very good design to preserve the look of the truck's roof. ^^

Weird as it looks, ...

... this cannon-top look of Megatron in truck mode is actually official according to the instruction manual. ^^

Comparison with Shockwave in robot and vehicle modes:

Shockwave in his Cybertronian tank mode is just as long, but much bulkier than Megatron in truck mode. He certainly has a more intimidating look than the Decepticon boss for the size difference. ^^ Then again, when I think about Megatron's size in robot mode as shown yesterday, it's actually very close to Shockwave in robot mode. So, how Megatron transforms from a relatively smaller truck (as compared to Shockwave in his Cybertronian tank mode) into a robot that can actually be on par with Shockwave will be very interested to see. ^^

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