Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Revoltech Griffon Part 2

More than just black

After the introduction yesterday, this posting will be on the very few option parts that came with Revoltech Griffon and more images of the figure to examine its details. ^^

Accessories and option parts for Revoltech Griffon.
The list, which consists of two display base parts and three option hand units is super short for this figure. ^^

A pair of closed fists.

One thumbs-up right hand.

The default spread palms, with fingers that look more like claws. ^^
The glossiness of all the hand units can be seen very easily and clearly.

A generic V-shaped Revoltech display base.

More images of Revoltech Griffon after the super short introduction on its option parts above. ^^

Closeups on the details:



[Backpack and wings]



At first glance, it's an entirely black winged figure. ^^ Upon closer examination, more details which are painted accurately in different colors are revealed. ^^ The "screws" on the chest, on the side of the legs and near the elbow area are painted nicely in gray, as with the tiny square vernier inside the shoulder; the wings are filled with line details consistent with those on a plane, the super tiny "signal lights" on top of both "rabbit ears" can be seen very clearly as well. These details are not as outstanding as the red goggles, yellow waist lights and red interior of the thrusters, but they are definitely there. ^^ From a broader view, even though the overall black color scheme seems to "cancel out" the rest of the figure's details, the latter are still been accurately realized on the figure. For that, the paint work and detailing are certainly well done for this figure. ^^

Accurate to its anime image and mechanical design, I really like the smooth, curvy but very sharp-looking appearance of Griffon. The head, forearms and legs are prime examples of this design focus. It's certainly very nice to see all that realized on this Revoltech figure. ^^

It would be even nicer to see how that design is realized on the Master Grade 1/35 scale plamo version, along with the glossy black appearance, but I'll leave that to another posting in the future. ^^

Introduction of the figure's articulation design and some action poses will be featured next. ^^

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