Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nendoroid Takara Miyuki Part 2

Display stand is compulsory

Looking at the content of Nendoroid Miyuki in this posting. ^^

PLastic wrapper behind between the Miyuki's back and hair and inside the skirt to be removed first.

All the accessories come with their own plastic wrappers as well.

All the accessories.

Good Smile Company's logo on all the leg joints. ^^

The display stand.

Since Miyuki's little feet are totally unable to help her to stand, the display stand can't be seen as an accessory, but a must actually. ^^;

If you look at Miyuki from the back, you will see nothing but her pink hair. ^^

We'll see what Miyuki can do in the next review. ^^

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Evaritus Lau said...

Cute as expected. Now waiting our group order from AmiAmi since I get Nendoroid Drossel as my 1st nendo figure. ^^;