Friday, March 12, 2010

Revoltech Fraulein Nagato Yuki Part 1

A hefty package

The third Revoltech Fraulein figure in my collection to introduce to you is Nagato Yuki from "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi".

I suppose most fans have watched or least heard of this anime so I won't need to introduce it here, but overall, it's light with many funny moments. Then again, you either like it very much, or you dislike it very much. That's the reaction I got from the people I introduced the anime to. I suppose it all depends on whether you can accept Haruhi's "out-of-the-ordinary" characteristics and action in order to like the anime.

Nagato Yuki is a very special character in the anime. Outstandingly quiet and motionless, but potentially the most powerful "beings" among Haruhi's gang. Without that short "mouse scene" in the episode of computer game war, one would never believe that Yuki is capable of making people laugh I suppose. ^^

There's of course a way more moe version of Yuki in "Lucky Star", who is Konata's colleague at the cosplay cafe she goes to.

I laugh every time I watch that scene. It's quite a pity that she only appeared that once in that anime. With Yuki's seiyuu, Minori Chihara also voicing for Minami-chan, one of the main characters in "Lucky Star", they should be able to throw in plenty of cameo appearances for Yuki. ^^

Yuki isn't my favorite character in Haruhi actually. I like Haruhi and Tsuruya-san more because both of them are instant laughter trigger. I got Yuki because of the deal of this triple Revoltech set actually.

Despite the usual Revoltech Fraulein box, Yuki is quite a hefty package actually. Almost all the props associated to her as seen in the anime are included, which are mainly from the two episodes featuring Haruhi's movie making and the school festival concert scene.

The full list of accessories include option face unit x1, Live Guitar x1, witch hat x1, witch cloak x1, Shamisen (the cat) x1, Star Ring Inferno (the magic wand) x1, sponsor signage x1, book x1, shoes x1 pair, option hand unit x11, and display base x1.

Paper sleeves showing Revoltech Fraulein Haruhi Bunny Ver. and Mikuru Mikuru's Adventure Ver.

Yuki is packaged with the witch cloak on inside the box - there's no way the box can fit both if the figure and the cloak were separated. ^^;

Accessories placed on the plastic tray are Shamisen, Star Ring Inferno, Live guitar, Yuki's option face unit, shoes and book.
All of them are not visible when inside the box anyway. ^^;

Like Yoko Movie Ver., many of the accessories mentioned were stuffed into a plastic package taped to back of the plastic tray, something I dislike very much. ^^;

Promotional leaflet showing Revoltech's "Reboot - Ver. 3.0", which includes Fraulein Haruhi Bunny Ver. and Yuki as well.

Yuki, straight out of the box.

More images of Yuki, the accessories and comparison with the anime in the next review. ^^


Gunstray said...

What?! She not among your fave!

Yuki's cape kinda reminds meof zero's though^^;;

Anonymous said...

Amazing, she could stand with the cloak.

Question: Does Yuki has the has waist joint system that Haruhi uses?

I felt its a bit foppish. -_-

Actar said...

Hm, interesting that you would pick the Revoltech Version over the Figma version, which to me, is pretty much superior in every way.

The Fraulein Revoltechs have a very strange stylistic look that isn't very befitting of the Anime appearance. The lines of the figure are very angular ans straight while the Figmas are much more anime accurate and more dynamic, such as with folds in their clothes, more intricately detailed hair, etc...

As for joints, never was a fan of the Revoltech joints due to their floppiness.

Whatever the case, there seems to be a game of one-up that is being played by the various companies up till this very day, with Revoltech and Figma producing the same 3 Evangelion girls and Revoltech and Bandai with their Arbalest and Eva Revoltechs and Robot Damashiis...

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