Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nendoroid Takara Miyuki Part 1

The moe just got even more moe ^^

Definitely my pick as the item that best describes "moe" March for Ex. ^^

Miyuki from "Lucky Star" is the first Nendoroid in my collection, just as so for the Figma version introduced some time ago. Then again, Miyuki isn't the only character I like. I like many figurines since years ago actually, but Miyuki is the character who made my resistance to purchase to fail. ^^; Three times to be exact - 2 Figmas and this Nendoroid.

Good Smile Company's Nendoroid series has been ongoing for a long time already, so I suppose most people who are into Japanese hobby would know about it, at least a bit. ^^ In my opinion, it's about the cutest stuff you can find coming from Japan. ^^ You don't even have to know certain characters from their anime to fell for the Nendoroid release. Since Nendoroid figures are deformed in size, the feeling you have for them isn't going to be same as the "normal" size characters. But usually, it's cuter becoming even more cuter. ^^

"High school girl with the element of moe",
"Actually, I can't open my eyes under water."
Something like that? ^^

The windows on the box allow you to see all the items included, even the option face units and others placed at the lower half of the box.

The content

Fingers there to show you the depth of the figure.
That's one really big head of Miyuki. ^^

The accessories included: chair, skirt and legs to show Miyuki sitting on the chair, school bag with right hand holding it.

Apart from the two option face units, there are also also two option hand units (spread palms) and arms to be positioned in front of her body.

That's the wallpaper of the box - paper cut out filled with "Nendoroid". ^^

Moving on to the content in the next review. ^^

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