Sunday, March 14, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 2

Master Grade happy painting I

Starting to work on MG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth, which was a rather unintentional kit started soon after MG F91. ^^;

Tackling the painting on this MG first, since it involves the most work, and most of the work is on the weapons.

Plenty of this and that on the Peacock Smasher and other weapons of Crossbone to be painted following that from the manuals.

Barrels and nozzles of beam blasters on the Peacock Smasher - gray and yellow ...

... handle of Muramasa Blaster, parts from Zanbuster, blades of the heat daggers (optional) - yellow, gray and silver ...

... and nozzle portion of the beam sabers - yellow.

Panel-lined the "borders" on the Peacock Smasher's beam barrels before painting them in gray.

Same treatment for the other weapon parts.

yellow - handle & nozzle

The interior of the nozzle on Peacock Smasher's main blaster is painted in yellow as well.

For the chain portion of the scissor anchor, it's something I couldn't withstand from not doing again ... ^^;

... painted in silver.
The marker I used is the normal oil-based silver paint marker - normal as in the one you can get in normal stationery store for use on posters and other artwork.

Both chains completed.

The yellow and gray painted are from Gundam Markers.

I don't mind that much of paint work for Crossbone Full Cloth actually, even though components for an MG kit should be molded more accurately in their designated colors. All the parts painted in this posting, and more to come are from the weapons. Less parts are important to keep the weight down so that it's actually possible for the model itself to pose with them, less parts would of course mean less accurate color combo as well.

As the title suggests, more painting in the next review.


Billy said...

May i know the brand of the silver marker(except gundam silver marker) are you using.the one you're using to paint the chain?your silver marker kinda gives out some blink blink effect so,please tell me,thank you

Anonymous said...

@billy: he is using plated silver, which is 100 or 200 yen more expensive than the normal marker.
without doubt, it is the best gundam marker ever released.
I used for my infinite justice to make it to be the pinnacle of my gunplas

Anonymous said...

I have one as well except I ruined the entire paint job when I clear coat it T T. While I was putting the crossbow together I was surprised Bandai didn't separate those little grey nozzle tip from the yellow part. Took me 3 tries to get the paint job right :S. The kit is on the shelf right now ...since I don't feel like washing ALL the paint off and redo the paint job now. Time to work on Phantom from FSS ^ ^

Evaritus Lau said...

Muramasa is the one that drives me to paint all the Crossbone's details, now look again, wanna re-do it again, with moar gold !