Saturday, March 27, 2010

Revoltech Fraulein Pocco Part 1

My favorite Revoltech Fraulein

The last of the four Revoltech Fraulein figures in my collection to be introduced here is Pocco. ^^

I'm not very sure who she is actually. As a matter of fact, when Fraulein Pocco was announced a few years back, I didn't even know the illustrator, Shunya Yamashita at all. ^^; Back then, I wasn't into figurine as much as I do today.

So, you could say that I know Shunya Yamashita through this action figure. ^^

Anyway, you could say it's love at first sight. I like her the first moment I saw this figure on the Net, even without knowing who she is. Then again, seeing this as an action figure, I didn't make up my mind immediately. As the usual regrettable story goes, Pocco was gone from various online shops I used to visit, so I couldn't get her even when I decided to, until last year when I saw the bundled Revoltech Fraulein set. I jumped at the chance of seeing Pocco again, and went for the offer immediately.

What I like the most about the figure is the beauty and the details, which will be shown in this and the next few reviews.

Not many accessories for Pocco - a sword, 4 option hand units and a display stand.

Pocco as illustrated by Shunya Yamashita.

The sculpture and paint job is very close to that as seen in the illustration, but Pocco's seemingly "surprised" look is a bit funny. ^^

Paper wrapper introducing other Revoltech releases from the Fraulein and Yamaguchi series.

A promo booklet identical to that from Fraulein Asuka is included.

Back of the plastic tray - the plastic package contains just the display base this time since no many accessories are included for Pocco.

Name printed on the display base.

Pocco, still lying in her plastic tray.

A bit of plastic wrapper to be removed from the figure when unboxing the figure.

More images of Pocco's details in the next review. ^^

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