Monday, March 15, 2010

Revoltech Fraulein Nagato Yuki Part 2

Super anime accurate

Introducing Revoltech Fraulein Nagato Yuki's many accessories in this posting. ^^

Yuki and all her accessories.

11 option hand units - most uses the "default" Revoltech wrist joint, but there are three which come with their own peg joints. The right hand unit for the guitar is one of them.

Star Ring Inferno, option face unit and a pair of shoes.

There is indication of "L" and "R" on the shoes.

Live Guitar, Shamisen and book.
Shamisen is hollow ^^;

But the details are very accurate and nice. ^^

Awesome details of the Live Guitar. I was totally blown away by its beauty when I first opened the box. It would be just as great when displayed alone. ^^

The special right hand unit with a guitar pick.

The witch hat is the biggest part in the list, and the heaviest as well.

Fitting the strap on the guitar.
To show Yuki with it, the strap goes over her witch cloak before snapping another end to the bottom of the guitar.

Comparison with the scenes from the anime.
All the details are very accurate eh? ^^

With or without the hat, Yuki's face can't be seen very clearly from many angles unfortunately. It's either shadowed by the hat, or blocked by the collars of the cloak.

The sponsor signage for Yamatsuchi Model Shop from the movie episode.
The tapes on the back of the signage are just replicas, not real tapes just to bind the banner to the poll. XD

Very accurate to the anime as well. ^^

Yuki with Shamisen and Star Ring Inferno, also from the movie episode.

There's a peg near Shamisen's neck to tab into the witch cloak's collar. Only available on the right hand side though.

Very nice. ^^
Except that Shamisen can switch sides on Yuki's shoulder in the anime. ^^

The witch cloak is a major barrier to Yuki's posability really. ^^; The arms only move at elbow level, and her face can't be seen much due to the collar and hat. Also, since the cloak is fixed, and her skirt is fixed as well, there's no room to hide either arms under the cloak. As a result, her left arm can be seen "poking" out in a rather awkward manner in most of her poses. ^^; But then again, Yuki is seen mostly standing with either Shamisen, the wand or the guitar in the two related episodes, so I don't complain much about that.

Come to think of it, Yuki doesn't move much in the entire anime anyway. ^^;

Yuki in her sailor fuku in the next review. ^^

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