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Hot Toys Dynamic Figure Stand Part 1

Before it became standard issue

Moving away from super robot plamo, Figma action figure, Transformers toy, and shokugan figure to bring you the review on a very special item. ^^ It's not a collectible per se, even though you can most certainly get it just to collect it. XD Instead, it's meant to be an accessory to support other collectibles, large 1/6 scale action figures to be precise. ^^

Dynamic Figure Stand
Production company: Hot Toys
Release date: Late March 2014
Price: 3,334 Yen (exclusive of tax)
Official link

A very recently released item to appear on my blog as compared to most others (^^;), this is Hot Toys' special display stand for 1/6 scale action figures. As shown in the promo photos for this display stand, the many Iron Man figures from the company are the prime candidates to use the display stand's flexibibility to show off their mid-air action poses. Then again, there's no Hot Toys' exclusive mechanism that forces the stand to only work on releases from the company, so other collectibles can make use of the stand as well. ^^

Since Hot Toys' 1/6 scale figures, and figures of that size in general are the minority in my collection, testing out the stand on collectibles that are classified as from the 'other' category is going to be a huge part in this review. ^^

While it was initially released as a standalone merchandise, all the action hero-type 1/6 scale figures from the company that were announced after the release of this display stand set (Falcon, Raideen, Spider-Man, Electro) have it as the bundled display base, replacing the old oval-shaped pedestal with fixed stand. With the poseability offered by this display stand, it seems that Hot Toys are really keen on encouraging the fans to play with the figures and not have them in static standing pose. ^^

Front view of the package.

Product name: Hot Toys Dynamic Figure Stand.

The only image of the completed stand in front of the package.

(Left) "Specially Designed for 1/6th Scale Collectible Figures".
(Right) Product code: ACS001.

Some pictures of the content from the front.

Rear view of the package.

Some pictures of the content behind the package.
I really like how the intro sticker's cut, as with the alignment of the text on it was designed accordingly to accommodate the base on the package. ^^

Package open.

A long sponge that fits into the canal holding the pillar helps to keep it from colliding with the base when they are still inside the plastic tray.

Content: a base, a pillar, a clip, and a double-sided base cover made of paper.

A one-paged instruction sheet on how to assemble the stand.

Since there's only one page to the instruction sheet, I didn't even bothered removing it from its plastic container. ^^

The base.
The missing "tip" portion represents the front of the entire base. ^^

If not for that missing "tip", it's a perfectly square base. ^^

The base can form a very nice Superman shield if more of the front section is cropped away. XD

The thin velvet covered surface of the base.

A slot for the pillar.

Long, thin slits at the edge of all five sides on top the base are meant to hold the paper base.

All the corners of the base.

Rear view of the base.

Copyright statement.

Size of the base: 20cm by 20cm. ^^

The pillar.

Closeups on the details.

Like the same part on the good old wired stand, the pillar is bendable, albeit much tougher than its smaller counterpart.

(Left) The pillar is close to 34cm in length/height.
(Right) The cap has to be unscrewed first before the holding clip can be equipped to it.

The holding clip.

Soft, rubbery patches can be found inside the clip, and on the back support.

This is how far the clip can be opened.
It's quite tough, so that grip on the figure must be very firm. ^^

There are ratchet joint-like teeth inside the slot that is going to hold the tip of the pillar.

Simple steps to assemble the stand: insert the tip of the pillar into the holding clip's joint, and reattach the cap to its original position.

Attach the base of the pillar to the slot on the base, and the stand is ready to do its work. ^^

The completed Dynamic Figure Stand:

With bent pillar.

The holding clip can be swivelled around the pillar.
I was expecting the ratchet teeth inside the clip's slot as shown earlier on to offer tight resistance to the swivel, but it turns out that action can be done very easily. ^^

The paper cover.

Very average-looking grid pattern on one of the cover's sides.

Fold edges to connect to the base.

The hole for the pillar next to the rear tip of the paper cover.

The fold edges fit into their designated slits on the base very easily.

The base with the grid patterned paper cover.

Accurate match between the pillar slot of the cover and that on the base.

Flip the cover over to the opposite side, and a brick floor pattern is revealed. ^^

A different view for the base. ^^

With Figma Miyuki as the totally unsuitable figure to try out the display base. XD

The figure is so small there's nothing for the holding clip to have a grip on. XD Miyuki is hanging there on top the pillar supported only by her hair on the back, and her arms. ^^;

Is Miyuki afraid of height as well? That's quite a scary viewing angle right there for those are afraid of height. ^^;

Miyuki wasn't hurt during the preparation process of this review. XD

Will try out the stand with actual 1/6 scale action figures, of Hot Toys' and Medicom Toy's in the next posting. ^^

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