Monday, July 28, 2014

MS Gundam Seed Heroines 5 Part 5

Lacus Clyne

A cutie at the start of the month, and a cutie near the end of the month. Balance. XD

A review on the second to last figurine in MS Gundam Seed Heroines 5 gashapon set, after Meyrin, Lunamaria, and Cagalli. ^^

The package containing parts for Lacus.

A little bit of assembly is required, as the figurine is being separated into a few parts.

While the chest and the rest of the dress come as a single piece in the package, they can be separated, and by doing so, the right arm can attached to its shoulder much easily.

A unique forked support stand that clips onto the edge of Lacus's dress to provide the support.

More images of this gashapon figurine: ^^

Closeups on the details:



The head can be turned to the sides to adjust Lacus's viewpoints for a little bit of change in angle of display.





Overall, Lacus is on the same level as the previous three reviewed figurines of Meyrin, Lunamaria, and Cagalli in terms of overall design and quality in my opinion. What I like the most about Lacus is her dress. It may be simple-looking, but the good sculpt work really brings out its fabric-like smoothness. The folds are lovely, and the raised bit of the her dress on the back makes it looks like a gust of wind just blew past the character. The ability to incorporate that natural look into such a small gashapon figurine is quite amazing. ^^

On the flip side, the issue with the figurine's designated pose, which I raised when writing on the previous three can be seen on Lacus as well, unfortunately. ^^; I can understand it's a walking pose, but the right arm resting on her back seems to be miles off normal look. ^^; It almost seems like she's trying to pull her hair from the back with her right hand. It's very awkward. ^^; I think the pose would look much nicer is the forearm is lowered, until it's just slightly visible from the front.

The expression design isn't particularly impressive as well, but definitely not poor either. It's just average I would say. ^^

This is definitely not the best Lacus of them all in my collection, but which one is? ^^

A gathering of all "genuine" and "fake" gashapon Lacuses in my collection XD

It's actually quite a chore to get all of them out for this posting, since I stored the different sets some of them belong to in different places in my room. ^^

(Left to right) MS Gundam Seed Destiny EF Collection 3 ver., MS Gundam Seed Heroines 9 ver., and from this set.

(Left to right) MS Gundam Seed Heroines 7 ver., MS Gundam Seed Heroines 4 ver., and MS Gundam Seed Heroines 3 ver..

(Left to right, all Meer Campbell) MS Gundam Seed Destiny EF Collection 3 ver., MS Gundam Seed Heroines 4 ver., and HGIF Gundam Character 3 Vol Gundam SEED Destiny ver.

Suddenly, an explosion of pink! ^^

Stella is the last remaining figurine from this gashapon set yet to be reviewed. ^^

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