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Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z with God Scrander Part 9 [Final]

Found that missing Rocket Punch

It's Big Bang Punch a.k.a Giant Flying Punch time with Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z with God Scrander! ^^

A look at the transformation sequence:

The abdomen panels are opened.
The mount rack piece can be kept attached to one of the panels.

The chest plate is hinged forward first, followed by the head which is rotated 180 degrees downward into the chest cavity.

Pinpoint accuracy in the design of the parts allows the head to be retracted without having any part of its helmet colliding with the wall of the chest cavity. ^^

After closing up the chest plate and abdomen panels, the two chest panels are rotated downward.

Using the base joint inside the backpack, each wing is bent downward until it's below elbow level.
This step is done mainly to get the wings out of the arms' way for the latter's transformation.

The first time the shoulder block's unique rotational joint is called into action since Part 3: ^^ both arms are hinged upward and to the back using said shoulder joint.

With the round shoulder now levelled with the twin thrusters' top, it's easy to see how the four fingers are going to be formed from here. ^^

Each arm is rotated at the bicep until the elbow is facing forward, ...

... and using the elbow bend, the arm is hinged downward.
The right arm forms the baby finger, while the left is now the index finger. ^^

The same set of actions are repeated for the twin thrusters, with the extra step of flipping the nozzles inward to expose the fingertips.

Transformation done for the four fingers.

The coolest part of the entire transformation for me: going back to the wings to rotate them downward even more, until they eventually meet behind the legs. ^^

The unevenly positioned red wing bases allow them to overlap one another, but the opposing black components have the tolerance for them to be snapped together very solidly.
The wings work exactly like how I imagined them to be back in Part 7, but it's really cool moving the parts in hand. ^^ And again, the precision to get everything line up properly is very impressive. ^^

In front, the wings are bent forward to wrap around the legs. There are a pair of tabs to snap everything in place securely.
The yellow spikes have already been retracted before the transformation. In actuality, for its flaw, I didn't bother having them up even in God Scrander mode. ^^

To get the thumb: the bar holding the bottom thruster is unsnapped from the backpack first, and then hinged upward for 90 degrees.

The bar is then hinged 180 degrees to the bottom, and that's it. ^^

Transformation for the giant forearm mode is done. ^^

More images of this transformed mecha:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

As mentioned in Part 6, the arm design of the model doesn't allow Mazinger Z to show off its iconic Rocket Punch attack, but it seems that you can indeed realize that pose - Mazinger Z with God Scrander in its entirety is a giant Rocket Punch after transformation! ^^

The transformation is simple, but quite interesting I would say. ^^ The unconventional design of having a giant robot, a model kit at that, transforms into a giant flying forearm definitely contributes to that unique feeling, ^^ but the convincing look of the transformed mecha is impressive nonetheless. ^^ Being a model kit, the precision in design that allows various components to be transformed without any stress or collision between parts is amazing to observe. The interlocking design of the wings to form the forearm is my pick as the coolest part of the transformation. The gap between the wing bases as noted in Part 7, which isn't noticeable in robot mode is effectively closed when the wings come together. The mechanism is so simple, but it works very well. ^^

Size comparison between the model and my right forearm. ^^

So, besides forming the ultimate finishing attack of Big Bang Punch, what else can the model do? ^^

With those joints for the arms/thrusters, each finger is individually poseable. ^^

The robot mode fists on the index and baby fingers may look a bit awkward, but their color does help to somewhat conceal that look. ^^;

The edge of the neck joint, which wasn't painted in Part 4 is there, but not obvious enough to be obstrusive to the palm area's appearance.

Since the fingers are poseable, the model is technically a giant hand capable of various gestures. XD

Operation Capture Miyuki, success! XD

Amazingly, the hand poses are not just for show - the grip of the fingers is strong enough to hold the figure even in an upside-down position. ^^

Miyuki: "Are you done with your experiment? Can I go now?" ^^;

Oops, I got carried away trying out the possibilities with the hand. XD

Finally, a quick comparison between Mazinger Z and two other models to get an idea of how it may fit in with fellow plamos in my collection. ^^

With HGUC Gundam RX-78-2 and Master Grade Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 1.5.

So, in terms of size, it's somewhat between 1/144 and 1/100 scale, and that's exclusive of God Scrander of course, since the flight pack adds on abnormally massive width to Mazinger Z, which doesn't reflect the model's actual size accurately.

Overall, I feel that this model kit is very unique. ^^ The assembly of Mazinger Z feels simple, mostly due to the simplicity in the mecha's overall design and color distribution, but it is tremendously fun at the same time, as it's transformable, into a giant forearm nonetheless. ^^ In that sense, the simplicity in design as mentioned earlier on seems like a deception almost, but a very enjoyable one at that. ^^

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