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Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z with God Scrander Part 7

Bat wing Dracula coat combo

Moving into a new month, but the first review is going to be a continuation of an unfinished business carried forward from June. ^^

Assembling the "expansion pack" of Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z with God Scrander this time. ^^

All the paper containers that hold the parts of God Scrander.

Calling God Scrander an expansion pack is just partially correct - it's not sold separately from the kit, but it can be assembled independently of Mazinger Z. ^^

Parts for the twin thrusters.

The nozzle interior were painted in Part 2.

Major components of the twin thrusters before the final assembly.

Very simple hinge action via polycap to transform the thruster into a finger for the giant forearm mode.
The one-piece design of the fingertip gives it a very natural rounded look.

Separable components of the twin thrusters before the final assembly.

Done for the thrusters.

As seen in one of the earlier images, the polycap of the proximal interphalangeal joint (referring to the thruster in finger mode) has a pin slot behind it. As a result of that, the segment is bent by default, and cannot be straightened at all.
If you have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) in keeping everything straight, this component will probably drive you crazy. ^^;

The cross-section between the component limits the actual hinge movement of the proximal interphalangeal joint on each thruster.

Rear view of the joint.

Pretty standard hinge and swivel articulation for the MCP (metacarpophalangeal) joint (referring to the thruster in finger mode).

The twin thrusters in finger mode.

A large cavity is exposed when the thruster nozzle is flipped around to form the fingertip. ^^;

Parts for the bottom thruster, which will form the thumb when transformed.

The middle and tail segments are one-piece parts.
The small rounded slot in the middle of the intersecting plates inside the parts are for the ball-type polycap.

Three separable components for the bottom thruster.

Done for the bottom thruster.
Unlike the other two, it can be straightened. XD

Ball-type polycap between the segments give the latter very flexible articulation possibilities, some which are unnatural and unnecessary. ^^;

The three thrusters/fingers.
Unlike that on the twin thrusters, the nozzle interior of the bottom thruster wasn't painted. Since it's going to be visible most of the time in forearm mode, I thought painting the part gold would make it look awkward when the other four fingers all have black tips.

Parts for God Scrander's main body.

Major components of the main body, together with the three previously completed thrusters.

(Left) A tab helps to lock the plate holding the bottom thruster in place when it's not transformed.
(Right) For its transformation, its joint allow the plate to be swivelled around and hinged downward.

The parts' color is certainly helpful in concealing the hinges' appearance on the twin thrusters.

As part of the transformation gimmick, the wings' placement is uneven - the right wing is positioned slightly more in front of its opposite one.
The main body's part is designed to accommodate such "anomaly", but I must admit that I tried to force the right wing part further back the first time I assembled them. ^^; Luckily, no harm was done on the parts before I realized the engineering rationale behind their design.

Done for God Scrander's main body.

Large parts for the wings.

Holding one of the main parts to show you its size, as compared to my hand. ^^

A straight slot behind the red interior part regulates the vertical sliding of the shoulder spike.

Separable components of the wings, with a couple of parts already assembled onto the body module.

To assemble the wings, instead of snapping the parts together using raw force, you actually hinge them into place at the joint. ^^

The completed wings.
The hinge connection between the components is mainly for articulation, and since they are not fixed, the wings would be dislocated from their joint every now and then when they are moved, but they can be hinged back in place very easily if that happens. ^^

All done for God Scrander.
It has its own mount rack parts to use, which are going to be introduced later. As of now, it's being supported using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Vertical hinge movement of the outer wings.

Using the joint at the wing's base, each wing can be hinged to the bottom of the main body as well, although this articulation point is pretty much for the transformation gimmick only.

The outer wing can be folded inward using its main hinge joint.

With its wings folded up, the whole pack still has a pretty impressive bulk to it. ^^

The abdomen panels can be opened.

The spikes can be quite difficult to expand/retract. ^^; The bottom tips act as stoppage points to prevent the spikes from sliding back into the wings when they are deployed. The design is simple, but very effective, so much so those tips become problematic when you want to retract the wings. ^^; The right image shows one of the bottom sides somewhat chipped because of the expansion/retraction action. ^^;

Two mount rack pieces included: the left one connects to the abdomen panels, while the right one to the backpack.

The abdomen panel-type sits between the panels, and uses the grip between them to stay in place.
The peg in front connects to Action Base 1.

More images of the completed God Scrander:

Closeups on the details:

To display God Scrander in a vertical position:

The second mount rack piece can be used. The tab in the middle of the part correspond to a slit beneath the main body of the thruster pack.

The peg at the bottom of the part connects to Action Base 1 as well.

Closeups on the details:

The overall shape of the wings and the main color of God Scrander makes it look like a giant bat, a headless, limbless one at that. ^^ From the front, the bright red wings are very eye-catching, especially since the color is only used very lightly on Mazinger Z itself (only seen on Hover Pilder). With the wings' ability to be folded inward, the whole thruster pack feels like it has the potential to become the giant robot's coat. ^^ For that, the spiky look and red color remind me of Dracula for some reason. A great deal of said features are for the transformation design, but I find it funny that of all the things I can think of to associate God Scrander with, the coat worn by a classic monster would be the immediate answer. ^^;

A look at Mazinger Z with God Scrander in the next posting. ^^

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