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Transformers ROTF N.E.S.T. Decepticon Bludgeon Part 1

Samurai Skeletor

If a cutesy action figure like Figma Kurisu Makise is the perfect follow-up to the very hot-blooded Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z with God Scrander, who would be the next suitable candidate for her to pass the baton to in this never-ending review relay?

Oh I know, how about an ugly Samurai-Skeletor Transformers hybrid? XD Sounds perfect, and I have just the right item in my collection to fill in that role. XD

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen RD-20 N.E.S.T. Decepticon Bludgeon
Production company: Takara Tomy
Release date: Late January 2010
Price: 3,800 Yen (exclusive of tax)
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This is actually the second Samurai themed Transformers figure, a Decepticon no less, to be featured on my blog in this year alone. ^^ The first one was Transformers Alternity Megatron Blade Silver reviewed in May. ^^

With Bludgeon, it's a visit to the Transformers toy archive no doubt. ^^ While everyone is having fun with the latest releases from the fourth movie, "Age of Extinction", I'm going to do a review on a figure from the second movie instead. ^^ As part of N.E.S.T. line, Bludgeon is a character who never appeared on screen in "Revenge of the Fallen", so my purchase decision for the figure is solely based on its transformation design and gimmicks. For that matter, Bludgeon is amazingly well designed, despite being a toy-only character. ^^

Released in late January 2010, this is the Takara Tomy version based off the original Hasbro release which came out about a year earlier. Bludgeon is a Voyager Class figure, even though this Takara Tomy version didn't place any emphasis on that classification in its product name. Also, as with many other Transformers figures, Bludgeon's mold was later reused to release a couple of variants, with the first one being Banzaitron. As basically a metallic gray on mecha gray Bludgeon with green and copper deco, Banzaitron's recolor is actually quite good in my opinion. If you like Bludgeon's designs but don't fancy its secondary color being orange, Banzaitron is a fine substitute I reckon. ^^

Interestingly, out of Bludgeon's mold also came Megatron, not one but two: ^^ the initial purple on bright green Generations GDO (Global Development Organization) G2 version, and the more recent Transformers Cloud version, which is just the former but in G1 gray and silver color scheme. Both of them are limited releases in Asia by the way. I suppose Bludgeon's alternate mode as a tank does suit Megatron's image, as the Decepticons boss does transform into a tank at one point in history, but the claw feet, skeletal frame inside the limbs, and most importantly, using katanas and a short knife as its main weapon instead of a cannon is a bit stretching to convincingly show off a retooled Bludgeon as Megatron. ^^;

Then again, there are many other retooled Transformers figures that share the same unexplainable, sometimes bizarre choice of design, so just for their alternate mode, the connection between Bludgeon and Megatron is alright I suppose. XD

Front view of the box.

Credits to whoever designed Bludgeon's packaging. ^^ The placement of the tank gives it a more dynamic look inside the box, and more of its details get to be revealed as well.

Closeup on Bludgeon's face design on the bottom right corner of the box.

(Left) Logo of the second movie.
(Right) Level 3 (of 4), "Advanced" in terms of transformation technicality.

The Japanese logo of the movie, and the N.E.S.T. emblem can be seen on the top right corner of the box.

Takara Tomy version only extra materials I believe: a N.E.S.T. sticker, and a small promo booklet entitled "Perfect Guide".

Having no loose option part or accessory, almost all of the tank's top and side views can be seen clearly through the front window. ^^

Closeups on the content.

Left, right, top, and bottom sides of the box.

Bludgeon's arch-rival, Recon Ironhide, or RA-26 in this Takara Tomy line is somewhat previewed on the bottom side of the box. ^^;

Introduction of the character on the back of the box.

Size comparison between Bludgeon's box and that of "Transformers: Prime" Voyager Class "First Edition" Optimus Prime.

Just for the fun of it, size comparison with Figma Drossel (Charming). ^^

Box open.

Package content.

Box content. The excessive space around the tank to accommodate it in such a misaligned position can be observed. The box size can definitely be reduced if such an arrangement for display is omitted.

Closeups on the details.

Rear view of the paper box.

Two rather thick strings bind the tank to the plastic tray.

The tray itself has such tight grip on Bludgeon that the tank doesn't fall out even when it's being held in an upside down position. ^^

A specially designed plastic "dock" helps to support the machine gun on top the turret, while the right smoke grenade launcher is covered by a small clear cap.

The folded instruction sheet, promo booklet, and N.E.S.T. sticker are enclosed in a plastic bag.

Plenty of Japanese text on the instruction sheet to confuse those who can't read the language during transformation. XD

Character rivalries in this toy-only storyline, and more importantly, a preview of all related figures can be seen in "N.E.S.T. Perfect Guide".

The special sticker.

The tank mode of Bludgeon can be displayed straight out of box without any additional adjustment. ^^

A look at the tank mode of Bludgeon in the next posting. ^^

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