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Hot Toys Dynamic Figure Stand Part 3 [Final]

Superior size, same concept

Comparison between Hot Toys' Dynamic Figure Stand and a few other display stands that I regularly use, regardless of what scale of action figures they are for, will be the focus of this final part of the review. ^^

With the generic wired stand for Gunpla, with cameo appearance by Figma Miyuki to up the photo's visual appeal. XD

Obviously not comparable in terms of size, but the two do share a great deal of similarities in terms of design and gimmicks.

The two stands.

The size of stands is different, but the way they work to allow flexible adjustments is identical.

Dynamic Figure Stand's pillar has a screw-like shaft for it to be attached to the base, which has a height of about 2cm. With just a thin plate as its base, the wired stand doesn't have the required base height for the same design to be implemented. Instead, a screw from beneath the acrylic plate connects between the two components.

The same component design for the clips: pillar, clip, and cap. ^^

Both holding clips can be expanded/retracted, albeit in different ways.
For that matter, the wired stand's clip is a lot more flexible than its Hot Toys' counterpart, even though the way it works is so much simpler. ^^

A knob behind the wired stand's clip allows its position to be adjusted on the stand.
Since it's designed for Gunplas, which are generally pretty lightweight, including a feature to make the clip position adjustable does make sense. For the same figure weight issue, that feature doesn't seem like a good idea for Dynamic Figure Stand.

A tiny patch of sponge can be spotted inside the wired stand's clip. If this is counted as the equivalence of the back support on Dynamic Figure Stand, can the entire tube-wrapped arms of the former be counted as working in the same way as the soft patches inside Dynamic Figure Stand's clip?

For all the similarities between the two, Hot Toys' Dynamic Figure Stand really looks like an enlarged version of the wired stand. ^^

With other display stands:

With Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type, and Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

With di:stage display base, and Figma stand.

With Action Base 1, and 2.

From Hot Toy's own original oval-shaped display base, to pretty much all other display stands I have in my collection, nothing beats Dynamic Figure Stand in terms of size. ^^

While 1/6 scale action figures are big and heavy, most of them are not as big, and heavy as Gunplas from the Perfect Grade line. ^^ Tons of parts, many of them ABS hard plastic, die-cast parts for the hips and knees, large backpack, everything seems perfect for the formula of a 30cm-tall heavyweight completed model. ^^ And since a display stand is not included with most Perfect Grade kits, giving them off-the-ground action is usually a task left to one's imagination. ^^;

Can Dynamic Figure Stand be a good substitute for the forever missing display stand for 1/60 scale Gunplas from Bandai? ^^

With Zeta Gundam.

Dynamic Figure Stand can indeed support Zeta Gundam, and very firmly too. ^^

Then again, tons of adjustments were put in to get the holding clip to connect to the model. In the end, it only managed to grip onto half of the model's waist, which apparently is enough for the pose to work. ^^

With Gundam Mk-II (Titans' color).

Connecting the clip to the back of Gundam Mk-II is easier than the same work on Zeta Gundam, but due to the distance tolerance between the clip and the model's backpack, the grip is on just about half of its waist as well. ^^;

So, Hot Toys' stand does work on Perfect Grade Gunplas, sort of. ^^;

If there's really going to be a display stand for 1/60 scale Gunplas, the kits' backpack would have to be one of the factors to be wary of when considering how the display stand is going to work on them. ^^;

Simple, but very effective, Hot Toys Dynamic Figure Stand is definitely useful to show off better action poses from 1/6 scale action figures. I'm certainly glad I managed to pick one up before it was sold out, very much like most other Hot Toys releases there are in the market. ^^;

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