Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z with God Scrander Part 8

Bonus to poseability? Where is it?

It's time to connect the just completed God Scrander to Mazinger Z from this Mechanic Collection plamo kit. ^^

A rough size comparison between the two.
The wide wingspan of God Scrander is quite amazing to see. ^^

God Scrander is being supported using Action Base 1.

(Left) A tab behind Mazinger Z needs to be removed first. A designated peg on God Scrander corresponding to the revealed polycap is actually the only solid connection between the two models.
(Right) The abdomen panels on God Scrander are hinged open.

The interior section of the backpack is designed to fit the smooth shape of Mazinger Z's back. Instead of an bonus backpack mounting onto the giant robot, God Scrander really feels like it's an integral component that doesn't need to be separated at all. ^^

A perfect fit for the abdomen panels. ^^

All done for the God Scrander-equipped Mazinger Z. ^^

Rear view:

Some action poses from this "completely" completed model kit: ^^

Besides adding in a bit of extra bulk to Mazinger Z, and a massive wingspan for it that makes posing the model kit more troublesome now, God Scrander is not really that useful as a mere thruster pack. It certainly doesn't offer any extra armament, or special gimmick for Mazinger Z to have additional goodies to show off. Mazinger Z can do what he did in Part 6, except it now has a giant winged thruster pack equipped to its back. As cool as it looks, the wings are a bit troublesome to photograph because of their wide span. For the same reason, I suppose they are not going to easy to store or display as well. ^^;

The transformation design is going to be the grand finale to close out the review on this plamo kit in the next posting. ^^

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