Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hot Toys Dynamic Figure Stand Part 2

Now everyone can fly

As mentioned in its introduction in the previous posting, this second part of the review series is going to be about testing out Hot Toys' Dynamic Figure Stand in supporting actual 1/6 scale action figures, which is basically its designated function. ^^

Size comparison of the display stand with Hot Toys' original, normal oval-shaped base for its figures.
This one is from War Machine.

Dynamic Figure Stand completely dwarfs the original base. ^^

Comparison with War Machine.

The base's size is just right for War Machine, which I would consider a slightly larger figure in 1/6 scale (as compared to all the other armor-less human figures).

The pillar goes all the way up to the top of War Machine's helmet.

The color and design of the grid pattern suits the image of War Machine completely. ^^

No problem at all for the pillar in supporting War Machine's hefty weight. ^^

The holding clip's grip is just right around the waist. ^^

Off-the-ground action poses for War Machine's. ^^

I didn't managed to have these poses with War Machine back in its own review in May 2012, mainly due to the lack of a display stand for it. ^^; That's pretty much the most direct benefit of Dynamic Figure Stand: a display stand for a large-sized figure like War Machine. ^^

Off-the-ground action poses for Jill Valentine BSAA Ver.

Given that she's smaller than War Machine, and the stand works fantastically well on the latter, there's no doubt that it's capable of supporting Jill with no problem at all.
Then again, why does Jill need to be posed in mid-air anyway? XD

Size comparison of the display stand with Medicom Toy's generic clear display stand for its line of 1/6 scale action figures.
This one is from RAH Chunli.

Like Hot Toys' normal display base shown earlier on, the size comparison is completely off between these two bases. ^^

Not only does Medicom Toy's holding clip lack adjustability, its rigid and sharp edges are not friendly to the figures when it's being used on them. These two issues are absent on Dynamic Figure Stand.

Off-the-ground action poses for RAH Chunli.

Funnily, RAH Chunli seems to be too slim for the holding clip to work properly on her. Chunli is basically hanging on top the pillar with her, er, bust. ^^;

Instead of trying out the display stand, this posting has now been turned into a revision of RAH Chunli's awesome poseability, made better by a display stand dedicated to 1/6 scale action figures. ^^

"Spinning Bird Kick!" ^^

And for this pose, it's up to Chunli's hips to keep her connected to the holding clip. ^^;

Despite being of 1/6 scale, RAH Chunli is pretty lightweight, and the normal wired stand for Gunplas is already enough for her off-the-ground poses, as seen in her review back in April 2010. ^^

A comparison between Dynamic Figure Stand and some other display bases that I have will conclude this review series in the next posting. ^^

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johnny6666 said...

This was a FANTASTIC review! It told me everything I needed to know about the display stand and prompted a purchase!

Thank you so much. :)