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Figma Kurisu Makise Part 2

Who wants a bottle of soft drink?

After the introduction, this posting will focus on the many option parts included in this Figma set and more images of Kurisu Makise to examine the figure's details. ^^

Accessories and option parts included for Figma Kurisu Makise.

Two option face parts for Kurisu: one depicting an angry, shouting expression, while the other one a mischievous smile.
On the figure's official page, the latter is being listed as a 'grinning' face (ニヤニヤ顔) instead. ^^ It's probably related to one of the character's scenes from the game or anime, in which I have zero knowledge of. ^^;

A minor but noticeable detail that can show off the figure's great craftsmanship: the molded, painted teeth inside the figure's already very small mouths on the two option face parts. ^^

Standard Figma design to swap between the face parts.

Kurisu with the two option face parts.

The default face part.
Notice the eyes are showing Kurisu looking to her left.

A flipped up cellphone that is fixed to a dedicated right hand unit.

A bottled soft drink that is fixed to another dedicated right hand.

Really nice details incorporated into such a tiny accessory. ^^
The design points to Dr Pepper I suppose, but a few strokes are missing on some of the characters, allowing the figure to get away from copyright-related issues with Dr Pepper. ^^

Size comparison of the two accessories with a Malaysian 10-cent coin.

Future Gadget Unit 6 "Cyalume Saber" (未来ガジェット6号機「サイリウム・セーバー」), which looks totally like a traffic baton to me.

Details of the baton. Given that some parts of it are translucent, plus the overall glossy paint look, I think the entire part was molded in clear plastic, with the different colors then applied to it.

The baton is just slightly over 4cm in length.

As with most other Figma figures, four pairs of option hand units are included for Kurisu.

A pair of standard-looking spread palms.

The "L" sign pair.

A pair of more expressive spread palms.

A pair of open fists to hold Cyalume Saber.

Using the open fist on Cyalume Saber.

The default pair of closed fists.

The wrist parts of Kurisu's jacket sleeves are actually separate pieces that tend to fall off when the hand units are being attached/detached from the figure.
They were made as separable parts to give the figure more flexibility when moving her hands I suppose. ^^

A pair of arm parts dedicated to the character's folded arm pose.

Despite being a pair of accessories for just a single pose on Kurisu, all the details, including the two "hands", the painted belts, sculpted wrinkles on the sleeves are very well done. ^^

A pair of L-shaped peg and slots behind the forearm area connect the two parts.

The completed "folded arms" ^^

I tried to squeeze at the connecting area for the parts to fit a little tighter, but this seems to as far as they would go. ^^;

To attach the option arms onto Kurisu, the figure's existing arms must be detached at shoulder level first.

Instead of plugging in the entire folder arm into both shoulder joints at the same time, an easier way would be to attach them separately, before hinging them into place.

Kurisu in her iconic arm-cross pose.

The arm parts should be connected more closely to eliminate any gap that would look really bad on figure. ^^;

A small extension part for the display stand.

The main function of the extension part is to allow the figure to be mounted to the display stand without being affected by her fixed hair.

Kurisu with her emotionless expression and arm-cross pose would serve well as the default look of the figure. ^^

Closeups on the details:



[Body and arms]


Despite having some impressive details like the gradient paint work for her hair, delicately made red tie, and the tiny belts and buckles on the jacket sleeves, the overall simplistic design means that this is not really an outstanding Figma figure in terms of appearance. There's no flashy feature on Kurisu that would draw the interest of those who don't care much for her character design, unlike perhaps Mari Illustrious Makinami, or KOS-MOS, and other releases in the Figma line with large, impressive option parts that would give those figures tons of playability. In the case of KOS-MOS, the figure herself has more visual details as compared to Kurisu, and she comes with plenty of weapon components to compliment her in some amazing action poses. For a figure like that, I could imagine the figure's own design and her playability being impressive enough to get those who know nothing of the character to make the purchase. Using the same "metrics", I don't get that impression with Kurisu. ^^; One really has to like the character a lot to really want to spend on this Figma, and that's not a bad thing at all.

For the same reason, Kurisu seems like "another" R. Dorothy Wayneright to me. ^^

A look at the figure's articulation design and some action poses coming up next. ^^

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