Friday, July 11, 2014

Figma Kurisu Makise Part 4 [Final]

Impressively average

More action poses from Figma Kurisu Makise after the previous posting. ^^

Starting from the second pose shown above, right after the "Read more »" link, I'm pretty much drained of pose ideas for Kurisu, not because she's a bad figure or anything, but I just ran out of imaginary scenarios to picture her in. Despite being an action figure with tons of poseability, as evidenced by her articulation design shown in the previous posting, adjusting her to show off some poses that would make sense seems quite quite challenging. ^^;

Overall, as a figure in her own right, Figma Kurisu is quite average. There are some nice sculpt and paint details on the figure as well as her option parts, but nothing too amazing or impressive in my opinion. As mentioned in Part 2, this is a figure that is really meant for those who like the character, in which the average design is not only a non-issue, it's perhaps the very attraction of the character. ^^ In the world of anime girls, perhaps Kurisu Makise is meant to be the averagely designed one as compared to many other characters from other series. For that, her image has certainly been realized onto this Figma figure. ^^

Lastly, as mentioned in Part 1, Kurisu's "sister" will make an appearance to mark the end of this review series. ^^

Figma BRS2035

Besides sharing the same design style for their pupils, both of them wear almost the same emotionless expression as their default look for some reason. ^^

Both of them can be classified as small when it comes to anime bust size too. XD

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