Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Figma Kuroneko Part 5 [Final]

My Kuroneko can't be this limited

Another round of action poses from Figma Kuroneko to start off this final part of the review on the figure. ^^

Since she was mentioned in Part 3, here's a comparison between Kuroneko and R. Dorothy Wayneright from the same Figma line:

R. Dorothy Wayneright has a lot less details for her dress as compared to Kuroneko (accurately so based on her design from the anime), but doesn't feature the many limitations on her articulation as a result of the dress as compared to the latter.

Can't win the standing contest against an android, Kuroneko needs to sit down. ^^;

Unhappily so. ^^;

With good paint work, detailing and some very interesting option parts as the main strengths, but restricted articulation caused by the rigid dress as the main weakness, there are obvious pros and cons on Figma Kuroneko that ultimately makes her a very normal action figure. ^^; I certainly like her anime-accurate representation, but I would prefer parts like her hair and dress to be made of soft plastic to allow for easier posing and more options in that aspect.

The chair and "Shift Body" special part are good to realize Kuroneko's sitting pose, and they certainly give the figure a unique display point among Figma release, but they are not spectacular in any way. ^^; As they are meant to confine Kuroneko to a sitting pose, they don't contribute much to the overall posability of the figure other than one or two dedicated poses. ^^;

Overall, it's a good representation of Kuroneko for the fans of the character to collect, but not exactly a good action figure for those looking for a wide variety of poses on the figure. ^^

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