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MS Gundam Assault Kingdom 2 Part 5

Gundam Mk-II (Part 2)

More images of Gundam Mk-II from MS Gundam Assault Kingdom 2 after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:




[Right arm & beam rifle]

[Left arm & shield]


A pretty simple figure of Gundam Mk-II this is, with paintwork and detailing that are just enough to bring out the most noticeable features of the Gundam. The missing paintwork for the beam sabers, top portion of the waist armor, heels, yellow stripes and red eye slit on the shield may be the detailing points that would be great if included in the first place, but I don't think their absence affect the overall look of the figure too much - it's a small figure to begin with. ^^

A look at the figure's articulation design:

Simple, rather restricted all-range movement for the head via a ball-type neck joint I assume.

Basic forward/backward swivels for the arms via their shoulder joints.

The shoulder armor is a simple snap-on to the shoulder joint, thus can be detached from it quite easily.

Simple but effective ball-swivel combinational joint for the shoulder and upper arm.

Standard range for the arm to be lifted from the side of the body.

The arm can be swivelled around at its bicep level.

Over 90 degrees for the elbow bend. ^^

Just the front side of the elbow joint is painted while the rest is completely white.

Wrist swivel.

The waist can be swivelled from side to side.
Unlike Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode], the waist swivel is not restricted in any way.

The front and side skirt armor pieces are made of soft plastic that won't cause any limitation to the legs' movement. ^^

The same ball-swivel combinational joint for the hips.

Thanks to its flexible hip joints and soft side skirt armors, Gundam Mk-II is capable of performing a perfect sideways split pose. ^^

While not as impressive as the sideways split, the legs can still be bent forward/backward for a pretty wide degree.

The swivelling point beneath each thigh allows the latter to be rotated around the hip joint.

The molded details that can be seen on the hip, knee and ankle areas are very accurate to the mechanical details of the Gundam itself. ^^

Close to 180 degrees for the knee's bending range.

Gundam Mk-II has a different ankle joint design as compared to that of Unicorn Gundam [Destory Mode] - the ankle guard is a one-piece soft plastic part separated from the leg; and the ankle joint itself seems like a hook that extends from the bottom of the shin.

The foot's forward/backward and side-to-side bends are enabled by the ball-type joint at the end of the hook as mentioned above, which allows different types of movement to be adjusted very easily. ^^

Using its flexible hip and leg joints, the figure is capable of striking a good-looking kneeling pose. ^^

Most of the figure's articulation design is the same as that of Unicorn Gundam [Destory Mode], but the designer managed to give it a different ankle joint design that still supports a flexible movement for the foot. The change is meant to cater for the different ankle guard design it seems, whereby a long joint with a separate hinge is necessary on Unicorn Gundam [Destory Mode] for its foot be free from the fixed, protruding armor pieces around it. Gundam Mk-II on the other hand, has a separate soft plastic piece for its ankle guard, thus not needing the joint design as seen on Unicorn Gundam [Destory Mode]. It would be great for the separate hinge design to be adopted as it supports even wider articulation for the foot, but it's unnecessary on Gundam Mk-II in my opinion.

All action poses from this shokugan figure coming up in the next posting. ^^

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