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MS Gundam Assault Kingdom 2 Part 4

Gundam Mk-II (Part 1)

A "small" start to this year's review on my blog, with the second figure from MS Gundam Assault Kingdom shokugan set after starting the series with Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] in early November last year. ^^

Gundam Mk-II is a rather "popular" entry in this shokugan series it seems. After making its debut in this set, the black Titans' version appended with a Vulcan Pod came out in Set 6, and this A.E.U.G. version was included again in Set 9. ^^ Coupled with the release of both versions under the HGUC Revive Gunpla labels, there was certainly no lack of merchandise of this Gundam last year. ^^

Front view of the box.

A photo of Gundam Mk-II in action and part of a 3D model image of the Gundam can be seen on the front view of the box.

Side views of the box.

Merchandising seal of "MS Zeta Gundam".

Top and bottom views of the box.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

All four figures in the lineup and the display base set's gimmick of forming a weapon rack are also shown.

Box open.

Instruction on the weapon rack's setup is printed on the inner face of the box.

No knife is needed to open up the boxes since all of them have easy-to-tear edges.

The box folds out and turns into a manual. ^^

The instruction is exactly the same as that in Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode].

Package content.

The figure's parts are stored in different sections of the plastic bag.

Closeups on the parts.

Numbering for the figure.

Rear view of the plastic bag.

All the parts removed from the plastic bag.

The main figure of Gundam Mk-II.

Two pairs of hand units yet to be removed from the runner are included for Gundam Mk-II.

(Left) The hand units, as well the the runner that contain them are made of soft plastic.
(Right) The runner's labelling shows "2".

The four hand units include a pair of open fists to hold the beam rifle and a pair of spread palms.
Even though the runner label is different than that of Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode], the hand design and details look exactly the same. ^^

The hand units can be pegged onto the wrist joints of the figure very easily.

The completed figure of Gundam Mk-II.

Just two weapons for Gundam Mk-II: shield and beam rifle.

The beam rifle.

Closeups on the details.
The supporting handle is fixed to the rifle's body so it's not possible for the Gundam to be posed holding the weapon with both hands.

The shield.

Closeups on the details.

The rifle's handle fits into either open fists tightly.

Gundam Mk-II has five peg slots in total to be used by its weapons and display stand: one on each forearm, one behind the waist, and one on each sole.
The slot on the backpack that can be found on Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] is missing. The entire backpack would need to be redesigned if Bandai (Candy Toy) has plan to release G-Defenser in this merchandise line. ^^;

The shield can be equipped to the outer side of the forearm using the designated peg slot.

Of course, since they are of the same size, the peg slots can accommodate "alternative" display options for the shield, but due to their location on the figure, only the two beneath the feet are usable, which makes no sense anyway. ^^;

Three parts for the display base set.

Plenty of hangar bay/weapon rack-esque molded details on the base.

There are three peg slots (two on top plus one on the side) and five pegs (one on top plus four on the side) designed for the display base.

Three peg slots on the bottom side of the base.

Molded factory info

A small launch pad-esque base part.

The launch pad has four pegs in total, allowing it to be connected to the hangar bar/weapon rack part shown earlier on, or the large base part from Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode].

Bottom view of the launch pad.

Assembled differently by default, the display stand is ...

... actually exactly the same as that from Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode].

The complete display base assembled using the three parts in this set.

Due to the design of the support panels beneath it, the launch pad sits at an angled position when placed flat on a surface.

By default, the connector between the figure and the display stand is situated behind its waist, but the slot on its sole can also be used if needed. ^^

Either one of the two polygonal slots on the launch pad can be used to somewhat hold the shield in an erect position, but it doesn't take much effort to knock the part off the base. ^^;

A simpler configuration for the display base that doesn't include the launch pad.

The panels beneath the launch pad fit the slits on the long base part, ...

... allowing the two to be connected without using any of the pegs.
The connection is not firm though, as there's no clip or tab that hold the two parts together.

The two pegs on top the launch pad correspond to the slots on Gundam Mk-II's soles, allowing the figure to be shown in a launching pose. ^^

The display stand is needed to keep the figure from tilting backward. ^^;

A more advanced base with adjustable launch pad position can be assembled, but another weapon rack piece would needed. ^^

A preview for the modularity and display options using the display base when the parts from all four sets are gathered. ^^

The launch pad is useful to simulate the launching pose of Gundam Mk-II from Argama as seen in its anime, or any MS in similar pose from this shokugan set. Unfortunately, the other two parts are a little weak in providing adequate support for the launch pad to be used properly. ^^; More parts from the other three boxes in this set are needed to complete the base.

More images of Gundam Mk-II to be shown in the next posting. ^^

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