Wednesday, January 6, 2016

MS Gundam Assault Kingdom 2 Part 6

Gundam Mk-II (Part 3)

All action from MS Gundam Assault Kingdom 2's Gundam Mk-II after the previous posting. ^^

Like Unicorn Gundam [Destory Mode], the posability of Gundam Mk-II is flexible and impressive, which is well expected I would say, since it shares all but its ankle articulation design with Unicorn Gundam [Destory Mode].

However, the action poses for Gundam Mk-II are limited by the number of accessory included for it. How many poses can you have for the figure when it only has a beam rifle and a shield? ^^; For that matter, the open left fist seems like a huge bonus as it can be used to pose Gundam Mk-II wielding the rifle with its left hand, which isn't a special feature to begin with. ^^; Adding Hyper Bazooka to the armament list would be great, but it's not available. As a matter of fact, the bazooka was not included for either the Titans' version in MS Gundam Assault Kingdom 6 or the second A.E.U.G.'s version in Set 9. The Vulcan Pod included for the Titans' version remains the only new feature for Gundam Mk-II in this shokugan series it seems.

Comparison with Unicorn Gundam [Destory Mode]:

Unicorn Gundam [Destory Mode] is slightly taller than Gundam Mk-II, but the height difference isn't exactly accurate to their mechanical setting I believe.

Comparison between the hand units - Gundam Mk-II's are shown as the top row.

As revealed back in Part 1, the two figures have different numbering for the runners containing the hand units. The differences between them appear to be the delicate molded details that are only visible upon very close scrutiny. ^^

Comparison between the display base sets.

Will focus on the versatility and different display possibilities of the display bases once I complete the review on all four figures. ^^

Will be reviewing the third figure from the set, Ground Type Gundam in the future. ^^

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