Monday, January 11, 2016

HG 1/144 Build Strike Gundam Full Package Part 3

The gray indecision

Commencing major paint work on selected parts from High Grade 1/144 scale Build Strike Gundam Full Package that were identified in the previous posting. ^^

All the parts that require gray paint.

As usual, the parts are panel lined first before the paint work - some via panel liner, some with Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black) while some require a combination of both tools. ^^;

Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black) is an essential tool in the panel lining of the thruster component beneath the two red foot parts, since it would be impossible to reach into tight corners using normal panel liner. ^^;

Painted the selected parts using Mr. Gundam Color UG09 MS Gray Zeon Semi Gloss.

Closeups on the painted parts.

Parts that require white paint.

The reinforced beam rifle parts are panel lined carefully to identify the sections to be left in their original molded color and those to be painted white.

Painted the selected parts using White Surfacer from Mr. Hobby.

Closeups on the painted parts.

The rear end of the reinforced beam rifle's muzzle part is also painted to cover up any minor gap that may appear on the assembled rifle.

(Left) Crude marking on the side edge of the yellow shield layer using normal panel liner to match the gray section on the other two layers - the top layer has yet to be painted at this point.
(Right) Just realized that the top section on the bottom white shield part should be painted red to match the panel from the red layer.

(Left) The marked section on the yellow shield layer is painted using Gundam Marker Gray.
(Right) The top section on the white shield part is painted red using Mr. Gundam Color UG04 MS Red Semi Gloss.

Test fitting the painted parts to see how the shield would turn out when assembled. ^^
Sandwiched between the red and white layers, the gray paint in the middle is almost unnoticeable. ^^;

The yellow shield part is repainted using Mr. Gundam Color UG09 MS Gray Zeon Semi Gloss. This time, the gray paint stretches between the two protruding tabs. ^^

Now this is more like it. ^^

The three shield parts are detailed using normal panel liner once the paint has dried.

Panel lines carefully applied to the sunken sections on the edge of the red and white shield layers.

The two rectangular slots on the red part are meant to hold one of the add-ons from HG Build Custom Universe Booster Plavsky Power Gate set. A bit of additional work can be done to not just cover up the exposed yellow spots, but to give the shield some minor extra details as well. ^^

Small pieces of metallic green foil stickers are added to the exposed areas on the yellow layer.

Additional sensors for the shield. ^^

Excess gray paint spilled over the edges of the shoulder armor parts is scratched away using a knife.

Delicately molded sunken borders on top the parts are to be painted black to emphasize the appearance of the gaps between the white and red parts.

Before they are painted black using normal marker, the targeted areas are detailed using normal panel liner.

More work on this High Grade kit to be covered in the next posting. ^^


Zecter said...

NK, I would like to ask 1) how do u mix the paint in the bottle before painting? Do you shake the bottle or use something to stir the bottle for a few minutes before use? 2) What do you use to clean the brush after using MR. Surfacer? Thank you

john said...

how do use the white surfacer? did u thin it with mr hobby thinner? are using hand brush?

Ngee Khiong said...


(1) I stir the paint inside the bottle with a rod before paint work.
(2) The white surfacer from Mr. Hobby works fine with Leveling Thinner from the same company.


See (2) above. Thanks.

john said...

thank you for kindly reply my question, now im know how to use the white surfacer. thanks again :)

Zecter said...

NK, thank you for the reply and always being helpful to answer any queries from your readers