Sunday, January 10, 2016

Random (156)

River cruise dinner

Had dinner with a group of colleagues from my company on the Sarawak River Cruise this evening. ^^

Despite seeing it in operation since my secondary school days, this was the first time I took the cruise and dined on it. ^^

The Astana, ...

... and State Legislative Assembly Building from across the river in the late afternoon.

The cruise ship waiting for us at the Riverside dock.

Dinner on the upper deck of the cruise ship.

Night scene of the Astana.
Unfortunately for us, the State Legislative Assembly Building wasn't lighted up so there was no amazing photo to be taken of it. ^^;

The Riverside area.

Riverine Sapphire Condominium area.

The ship passed beneath the Pending-Petra Jaya Bridge when heavy rain could be spotted from afar, which eventually hit the ship.

Since the upper deck of the ship was getting really wet, everyone moved to the lower deck and had Karaoke ^^

The rain stopped right before we docked after the dinner evening, providing a rather cool evening for me to walk back to the shopping mall where I parked my car. ^^ With the rain arriving late, after everyone finished eating and could move to the lower deck without missing the food, and stopping soon after for everyone to go home without getting wet on the way to the cars, the weather had been really generous with us last night. ^^

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