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Gashapon Sunrise Imagination Figure Vol 3 Part 3 [Final]

Real highlight of the set

This last posting on Sunrise Imagination Figure Vol 3 will feature two non-Gundam type figures that are perhaps the best designs from this entire set in my opinion. ^^ Not because they are non-Gundam types and not common to be seen, but the details given to the design, all the way till the tiniest parts that are impressive and worth mentioning. ^^

[L-Gaim Mk. I] - from "Heavy Metal L-Gaim".

A mecha anime directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of "MS Gundam" in 1984. The mecha design for this series was done by Mamoru Nagano, who went on to do "The Five Star Stories" afterward. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of similarities between the two series, including the world setting and (especially) the mecha design. L-Gaim Mk. I is the protagonist's mecha for the first half of the anime.

All the parts that need a bit of assembly.

Details on the parts.

Almost like Kamille Bidan and the linear seat, the design of L-Gaim Mk. I and its Flicker cockpit seat on this figure very much resembles the docking scene in the first opening of the anime.

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

Apart the most obvious block of cables behind the head, half of the helmet that is made of clear part is a big highlight of the design as well.

Very delicate sculpting for the whole chuck of cables on the neck and beneath the chest, with different colors painted for the various segments.

Some details inside the right side of the head can be seen through the clear part.
The clear part cannot be detached to fully reveal the interior though.

The Flicker cockpit seat is not connected to the figure and can be taken out easily.

For a gashapon figure, the tiny Flicker is very well done. ^^
Its small size requires a bit of caution in handling though, or it might be permanently gone if not stored carefully.

For its details and the unique feel of the head where half of it is transparent, I look at this figure as a very nice display item on its own. I don't have any model kit of L-Gaim Mk. I so I don't know how it would look like when the figure is displayed alongside it, but the figure's design is very unique on its own. ^^

The next figure is a very special one as well - the most colorful one in the entire set no doubt. ^^

[Jiron & Lague (or Rag) & Elchi] - from "Combat Mecha Xabungle".

A mecha anime in 1982 that was directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino as well. The mecha design for this series was done by Kunio Okawara and Yutaka Izubuchi, who both worked on more than one Gundam series. Personally, I always remember Yutaka Izubuchi for his work on Patlabor. ^^

All the parts that need a bit of assembly.

For this figure, shown from left to right in the image above are Lague, Jiron and Elchi. Jiron is the protagonist of the story, while the two girls who are part of his team of misfits. ^^ As you can predict from the design, there's a love triangle going on between the three of them, although Jiron doesn't realize that for quite a while, which is a very common cliche for many anime series featuring teenagers. ^^

Apart from the very accurate and clean paint work done for all the characters, their expressions are pretty obvious and well done too. ^^ The "unique" styles for the characters' pupils are very accurate representation of the design as seen in the anime. For a gashapon figure, the character detailing really reserves a huge compliment. ^^

So, even though there's no mecha component for this particular figure as compared to the other four, the level of detailing is not in any way poorer or unattractive. ^^

A gathering of all the figures in this gashapon set:

All are great gems representing bits and pieces of vintage anime from the 80s. ^^ Too bad there's no more space available on my shelves to hold anymore new stuff, so these figures are going to be stored in its box instead - almost like the model kits I assembled ^^;

Still, good stuff are good stuff nonetheless. ^^

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