Saturday, April 6, 2013

Random (59)


As mentioned in early March, I'm now raising the "resistance is futile" flag high above my head to Hatsune Miku, at least in Nendoroid form. ^^;

Nendoroid Snow Miku Fluffy Coat Ver, Sakura Miku and Hatsune Miku: Yukata Ver., all which are limited releases from Good Smile Company. Another limited version of Nendoroid Miku is coming in, but not so soon. ^^;

Given the endless varieties of Hatsune Miku that are emerging all this while but especially of recent time, I believe I'll have to submit to her cuteness in another new design and costume sooner or later. ^^;

中毒已深,早已无药可救。 ^^;

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Q said...

Yay, you've joined the ranks~ XD

I so far have the annual Snow Mikus and the Sakura Miku. Do give a good check on the Fluffy Coat Snow Miku beforehand though; the web order version has been known to have some quality issues, and I hope you do have the supplement replacement parts that GSC sent several months after the release date!