Thursday, April 7, 2011

1/100 Duel Assault Shroud Part 4

Express build review

Finishing up on my 1/100 Duel Gundam Assault Shroud after leaving the kit for about a month.

The review on this kit is going to be a little bit different from all the other Gunplas I talked about in the past. There will be no part-by-part segments displaying all the parts and how they are assembled. I feel that the design of the kit is quite generic, same can be said about the way in which the parts are supposed to be assembled (the build process). When building this kit, I felt like I'm doing the old 1/100 Sword Strike Gundam that I completed many years back again. ^^ I didn't bother to take any picture of the build process actually.

So, to be honest, the kit is already done at this point. I actually dissembled the completed kit so that I can review its major components, leading up to the entire model, which is something I usually do in other reviews.


Standard knee articulation (for Gunplas from "Gundam SEED").
The ankles have a slightly wider bend angle thanks to the absence of any armor at that area.

Painted hydraulic pipes on the ankles and thrusters beneath the shoes turn out well. ^^


Lower body.

Very nice kneeling pose is possible due to the lack of front skirt armor that would otherwise obstruct the movement of the thigh.


The elbows only bend for 90 degrees, which is a standard feature for older 1/100 scale Gunplas. The shoulder armor can be lifted for a wide angle to help to support some dynamic-looking poses from the model.


2 pairs of painted thrusters. The look will be even more "dramatic" when the extra armors come in. ^^

Body unit

The shoulder joint can bend outward, a generic feature for High Grade kits since a long time ago.


Upper body

The completed model, again. ^^

Waist articulation is blocked by two large protruding parts on the waist armor.

A standard shield that is also used by Strike Gundam and Gundam Astray.

Duel Gundam's unique beam rifle that has a large grenade attached.

Foil sticker used for the targeting scope.

Slide mechanism to attach the grenade into its holder beneath the rifle's body.

The "standard" Duel Gundam.

Action poses featuring this completed model coming up in the next posting.

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