Thursday, April 21, 2011

Real Madrid's Copa del Rey Trophy Run Over by Bus


Except for fans of Real Madrid, this is seriously one of the funniest piece of football news I have read in years XD

During Real Madrid's celebration of the club's recent victory over Barcelona in Copa del Rey, one of the players, Sergio Ramos accidentally dropped the trophy from the top of a bus where the players were parading their glorious prize. Looked on by hordes of fans on both sides of the street and nicely (shamefully so too I think) captured by a cameraman, the trophy ended up as scrap metal beneath the wheel of the bus. ^^;

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

Unbelievably, many Real Madrid players on the bus can be seen celebrating still as if nothing had happened!

Not a big fan of Spanish football, but I always dislike how Real Madrid keeps on equating quality football with shiny individualistic football stars that constantly breaking transfer market price record, who can't really do anything anyway. Still, this is such an unfortunate turn of event for everyone. Maybe Casillas the goalkeeper should be in charge of holding the trophy at all time instead of passing it around to his teammates who are too used to using their feet instead of their hands. No offense there really. ^^;

Somewhere Josep Guardiola and his Barcelona players must be LOL-ing over the news.

Also, Copa del Rey is also known as the King's Cup. I hope the king of Spain isn't angry over the clumsiness and carelessness of the players in handling the trophy that has his title over it. XD

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Tonythem / AgcSantos said...

It was a replica of the original cup, it would be a crime to deliver the original one to the hands of such sloppy people...and if they did oh well....el rey is really upset I guess xDD

I'm Portuguese (country neighbour to Spain) and some of our players and coach are on Real Madrid, so I'm kinda happy to see that our men made the difference ^^

Keep up the good work Ngee