Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gashapon Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V Part 5

Gattai de arimasu

After going through each individual vehicle unit in this gashapon series, it's time to bring them together to form the fearsome robot that can protect/destroy Pekopon (depends on Keroro's mood and whether his plan is discovered by Natsumi) - Kerobot V ^^

Insert Combattler V's song here maybe? ^^

Anyway, despite the parody as mentioned in Part 1, Kerobot V's transformation is nothing like Combattler V actually. ^^; The latter doesn't have a huge airplane attached to its back, and it doesn't use a gun as well. ^^ The closest similarity would have to be the feet I think, formed by Kururu and Kuru Lander.

Instruction on how to configure the different vehicle units to form Kerobot V can be found in all the packages.

Going through the different steps, which are super simple really:

Detach Kero Commander's entire waist and connect it to the back of what's now Kerobot V's head.

Separate the thrusters and drill head on Giro Driller

Separate the arm units and submarine pedals on Tama Diver.

Split Kuru Lander in half, separate the mechanical arms and relocate them to the heel.
Rotate the original joints of the mechanical arms to become thigh and hip joints.

Flip out a peg connector beneath Doro Jetter's body.

Extend the wings outward.

Combine the thrusters from Giro Driller and the pedals from Tama Diver and attach them to the joint on the wings.

The giant backpack of Kerobot V is completed. ^^

Connect the drill head from Giro Driller to the back of Tama Diver to form Kerobot V's gun (?)

All parts are now ready ...

... for final docking ^^

Formation of the main body.

Attaching the backpack

Poor Dororo will be looking at the ground on the back of the robot the whole time it's fighting. ^^;

I find it impossible to mount Tama Diver to the hand unit following the instruction shown in the manual.

Luckily, you can still use the joint on either side of the body (previously used to hold the arm units) as handle for the gun.
Almost like the three handles on Overflag's New Type Linear Rifle there. ^^

Ceremonially, putting on the giant head unit of Kerobot V to complete the whole sequence.

"Kerobot V gattai kanryo! De arimasu."

Without weapon

The complete version with the giant gun attached.

Some action poses of this "giant robot" in the next posting, which will be the last one for this review series. ^^

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