Thursday, April 14, 2011

Revoltech Fraulein Mari Illustrious Makinami Part 3

"Invert mode. Secret code: The Beast!"

Action poses of Revoltech Fraulein Mari Illustrious Makinami, including her special "the Beast" Berserker mode in this posting.

Can be posed using the cellphone in a realistic manner, even though Mari only used it when she was in school uniform in the movie.

Part swapping to change the face part.

While the glasses cannot be removed from the hair part, the nicely done glossy paint on them look pretty cool. ^^

Mari without her glasses.

With the "battle" type option face part.

Not really sure what pose would suit her with this face expression really. ^^;

More like showing how the display stand supports the figure instead of Mari with a kicking pose there XD

The sitting down pose, which is one of the heavily promoted features of this Revoltech Fraulein figure when it was first announced.

Introduction on "the Beast" activation mode is designed for the figure, but before that, a look at how Mari did it in the movie:

While she didn't managed to defeat Zeruel in this Berserker mode, the battle scenes and the music that complimented them are unbelievably awesome.

Swapping the forearm parts is very easy, but the Ultraman-warning-light (^^) on Mari's chest needs some delicate work to get it out so that it won't pop off and goes missing.
As you can see, the chest must be separated from the waist first before you can get to the chest piece.

Bonus parts included with Fraulein Mari: an extra pair of red (normal) and green (Berserker mode) chest parts in anticipation that one should lose the first two. ^^;
Placed in a tiny plastic tray with its own cover as well to prevent them from being lost when the figure's tray is opened. A very well planned feature there from the designer. ^^

Swap to the green chest part.

Change the face part to "the Beast" mode type.

Time to go crazy with Mari!

Normal standing pose really doesn't suit Mari in this crazy form. ^^;

Supposedly, all of Mari's action poses in her pink Plug Suit are in the cockpit of Eva Unit 2. Technically speaking, she only went crazy with the controllers when "the Beast" was activated. ^^; So, in a way, all of her poses with the display stand shown in this posting doesn't make much sense, especially the ones with her in Berserker mode. ^^; For that, the Figma version with a large portion of the cockpit included to compliment the figure is a huge winner over this Fraulein version I would say.

The last posting on Fraulein Mari, with a special guest to appear alongside her is next. ^^

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