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Gashapon Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V Part 1

Giro~ giro~ giro~ giro~ ...

Starting the review on another very unique item set in my collection: Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V gashapon set (軍曹合体 ケロボットV) ^^

It's supposed to be a shokugan set, where each of the 5 items has a candy included. I didn't find any candy included for the set I bought, so I'll just call it a gashapon set instead. It's kind of strange to call it a candy toy when there's no candy in it. ^^;

I first knew about this gashapon set back in early last year, and I did posted about it on my old blog. Even though I'm not a big fan of Keroro Gunsou, I do like transforming and combining robots, and it's my assumption that most boys who grew up watching the likes of Transformers and Voltron share that sentiment as well. ^^ I really like how fun it seems for the different vehicle units in this gashapon set to be able to combine into a giant robot. ^^

Kerobot V is an obvious parody of Combattler V, evidenced by design features like the two little poles on the head of the giant robot and some similarities between the vehicle units of Keroro and his friends and the actual ones that combine into Combattler V. Even the name is a blatant hint to that parody. ^^ However, you can still tell that it's Keroro Gunsou, with Keroro as the leader being the head unit, Giroro in a tank-like vehicle, Tamama in a submarine, Kururu in a weird one with tiny mechanical arms (Kururu is always the weird one ^^;) and Dororo in a fighter plane. I think the point is, the design of the robot reflects the characteristic of Keroro Gunsou very accurately while parodies Combattler V at the same time. ^^ That's where all the fun is I would say XD

By the way, the name of all the vehicle units according to the item's introduction: XD
- Kero Commander (Keroro's unit)
- Tama Diver (Tamama's unit)
- Giro Driller (Giroro's unit)
- Kuru Lander (Kururu's unit)
- Doro Jetter (Dororo's unit)

Very colorful introduction of the robot as the box art. ^^

Made in 2010

I bought the entire set in Singapore when I went there last year. It was bundled as a set right from the start, and I didn't hesitate with the purchase at all, not one bit when I saw it in a hobby store. ^^ It's just that really fun toy set I must get. ^^ Originally in 5 unopened boxes of course, I had to take out each item and flattened the boxes so that all the stuff I bought could fit into my luggage. ^^; That happened to another set of gashapon I bought as well, but I'll save that till another posting. ^^

All the items have different design features for you to differentiate between the types, including pictures of the units on the bottom of the boxes:

Kero Commander

Giro Driller

Tama Diver

Kuru Lander

Doro Jetter

Different background color of the item name, consistent with the character's designated color, and indication of where the unit fit in when combined into Kerobot V.

Indication of the different characters on the side of the box.

Some differences in terms of which 3 items in the set for the preview on another side of the box.

Having all the design differences on the box to indicate between the units is a great thing really. If you have bought this and that items separately, you can avoid choosing the ones you want to have the Konata-style XD

Shake shake shake...
Need to learn the unique listening skill from Konata XD

Very colorful exterior design for the box, but what about the interior? ^^

Some instruction on how to connect certain parts to each unit and how to combine them to form Kerobot V is printed on the opposite face of the box.

Different numbering for all the units on the ears of the boxes.

No knife is needed to open up the boxes since all of them have easy-to-tear edges.

The box folds out and turn into a manual. ^^

A look at each of the 5 units in the next few postings. ^^

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Ryuu said...

Kerobot!!! Always wanted to get 1 since I first saw it on your old blog, but couldn't find it in KL... :(