Friday, April 1, 2011

Capsule Toy M.S.G. Part 2

The outstanding one

Introducing another 3 items from Magnetic Scout Gundam (M.S.G.) capsule toy set:

[Shin Musha Gundam]

Out of the 6, Shin Musha Gundam is the only one with Japanese name on its pedestal.
Not enough with the golden parts, the name must stand out among the crowd in style too. ^^

Another special feature of Shin Musha Gundam: all the Musha armors on the helmet can be detached to reveal a "partial" Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. Ka.

All the openings to remind you it's not meant to have this function. ^^;

Despite that, the vents on the sides of the helmet are made with great details, even though they are not going to be shown when the armors are up. An added bonus this is. ^^

The side crest can be pretty difficult to put back, as the connecting point is like a hook that needs to slide into the sideburns and stay firm just like that.

Articulation is pretty good, except tilting the head upward. The huge armor behind the head is an expected limitation. ^^;

[Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II]

Comes as the grunt unit's design (without the blade antenna) by default - not surprising when you see Zaku II MS-06J later.
Another piece of the helmet that allow the blade antenna to be on it is included.

Part-swapping between the 2 types of helmet pieces.

The head can't really tilt upward because of the rather short neck. ^^;

A little bar on top of the eye to control its movement.

Can go all the way to the edges of sight within the helmet. ^^

Head can turn, eye can turn. Take that all you Gundam-type items in this set XD

[Zaku II MS-06J]

Mono-eye camera can of course move.

Comes with an extra piece for the helmet with blade antenna as well.

As you can see, Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II is just a repainted version of Zaku II MS-06J. Their design and gimmick (extra helmet part with blade antenna) are identical to each other.

One last posting featuring all 6 of them coming soon. I'm currently formatting the images for this item set's gallery. ^^;

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