Thursday, September 9, 2010

1/100 Legend Gundam Part 2

Restoring the intended firepower

Almost like working on MG Strike Freedom long time ago, The first thing I choose to do with 1/100 Legend Gundam is with its Dragoon System. Not that they are my favorite parts from the kit, but rather, I don't like working on repetitive parts all the time, so I'll just get through with them as soon as possible. ^^;

Purely optional really, and I was thinking about it for quite a while now, that I need to do something about the nozzle of the beam cannons on those Dragoons. They look good just as they are, but is there anything I can do to make them look better? I mean other than to paint them in their intended colors.

I decided to make the cannons more realistic looking by drilling through them using the pin vise introduced a while ago. Not a hard task I presume. ^^

Various Dragoon parts to drill.

Comparison between a completed piece and one yet to be worked on.

Completed for all the parts.

I did it the first round but I wasn't too happy with the result, so I go for another round, with a larger drill bit on each nozzle to exaggerate its firepower a bit ^^

The 4 smaller nozzles on the largest Dragoon are the most delicate ones to drill.

Since I'm at it, might as well do it for the Vulcans on the helmet as well I suppose ^^

Not a hard task at all, and it's quite fun too. ^^

Some serious paint job coming up next.

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Dyne46 said...

Thats just awesome. I would have never thought about doing that.