Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Figma Takara Miyuki Summer Fuku Ver. Part 2

Lefty Miyuki

More images of Figma Takara Miyuki summer fuku ver. ^^

Because of the position of the pupils, you can only see Miyuki's expression from the front or on her left.

Miyuki without her glasses on wouldn't be looking this cheerful XD

The wacky panic expression is suitable for many LOL scenes. XD

Just like the winter fuku ver., you can attach the joint of the Figma stand to either Miyuki's back or onto her hair.

Miyuki with display stand.

The limitation of the smile-type face expression part was quite unexpected for me before the purchase, but it's immediately understandable for me. I was hoping that more face expression parts can be included, but that's just me. I suppose fans of the different characters would want that for their figures as well. ^^;

More images with comparison with the winter fuku ver. coming up next.

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