Saturday, September 11, 2010

Figma Takara Miyuki Summer Fuku Ver. Part 3

Smaller hands in summer?

Taking a little break from 1/100 Legend Gundam and back to Figma Miyuki summer fuku ver. ^^

More images of the figure with introduction on the accessories included and comparison with the winter fuku version as well.

Reviews of the winter fuku ver. can be seen in this and this previous posting.

Other from the face expression, the hair parts are the same between the 2 versions.

Thinner fingers for the summer fuku ver.? XD
Miyuki must be onto something during winter. XD

Too much rice cake maybe? ^^

Everything below the waist is different just in terms of the color it seems.

Accessories between the two versions.

Nyamo the cat.
Works better with Yutaka I think.

Apart from the pointing finger and closed fist types, the other 2 sets of option hand units are different in design between the 2 versions.
Plenty of great combos when you put them all together.

One of the new pairs of hand units is this really versatile closed fist for grabbing other objects.

Fits the handle of a 1/144 scale beam saber very nicely. XD

"Oiyoyo~ nani kore?"

Other items to be held by Miyuki is purely up to your own creativity XD

[Miyuki's Mini Story 1]

"Look! What's that?!"

"Run, Miyuki, run!"

Moe Yoso!!

It's the flying head of Minami-chan!

That's right, Minami-chan will be featured in the next review, which will be the last one for Figma Miyuki summer fuku ver. ^^

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