Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 19

Bloody cut & paste I

Back to the review on MG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth after a few depressing days of delay. No no, I'm no referring to the Chatbox incident on my main blog, that was the easy part. I was desperately trying to meet a few deadlines on and off my work - one just completed moments ago, and that was still part of the 'easier' bits. I mean, evryone's being chased after for some sort of deadlines now and then, a few bottle of midnight oil to burn should get you through. The worst part of my story is having all the photos on assembling the rest of this model gone because of a bad IO when transferring the images from my phone to the PC. Major bummer for me. I enjoy the process of building my models very much, so losing those photos would seem like having a huge part of the model missing altogether.

Luckily there was the interview with Elmo to provide some good moments through that ordeal.

Speaking of which, I have no intention of breaking my model apart for the review, so I'll just dissemble the major components and talk a bit about each of them. Come to think of it, the time required to redo all this seems like a really depressing thing as well. ^^;

One set of the armor - front and back.

Fangs are movable.
The lack of details on these part is pretty astounding for a MG model too. XD

All four pieces of the armors

Combine with the the shoulder armors.

Thanks to the joints on the shoulder armors, each piece can move sideways and be 'expanded'.

Very nice details of the individually molded thrusters on the edge of the armor.

The chest armor and the 'collar'.

The complete Cloth armor set.

And moving on to the individual components of the Gundam itself:


Articulation is pretty much the same as MG Gundam F91.

The beam shield generator can be rotated to the front, covering the hand unit to be used as the brand marker. The beam shield can be mounted in this position as well.

Details of the forearm when the beam shield generator is deployed to the front.
Almost like there's some sort of linked mechanism between the arm and shield even though the mecha detail part is just a single part.

Mounted with the beam spike (brand marker) and beam shield.


Simple looking waist, but is full of hidden weapons and gimmicks. ^^

Not much mecha details designed for the waist.

Front skirt armor forms scissor anchor.

The edge of the rear skirt armor can be removed to be used as whip.

There are tabs designed on the hand to be fixed onto the palm firmly, just like all the hand held weapons.

Discarding the many heavyweight weapons introduced in previous postings, the whip is a very 'refreshingly' flexible one. ^^

2 spots on each side skirt armor and 1 on the rear armor allow almost all the weapons to be mounted onto the waist.

The Zanbuster can be mounted as a combined weapon, or as separated beam gun and beam Zanber.

Even the huge Murasame Blaster and Peacock Smasher can be mounted.
But troublesome moments is guaranteed when you try to do this when all the armors are on. ^^;

Next posting will be on the rest of the components to complete the model. ^^

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JM Aldeguer said...

Wow...that's cool. I always appreciate it when a kit is designed to mount every weapon in it's arsenal, but I couldn't help thinking it would be ridiculously impractical in the Crossbone's case.

All those weapons are obnoxious enough as it is, but I guess there's nowhere else to mount any of them other than the side skit armors...they'd look out of place behind the Gundam's 'Crossbone' binders, and the Full Cloth would lose it's aesthetic quality if it was anywhere on the outer shell.

I really want to get a Crossbone Gundam, and I really want to get all the extra ordinance that comes with the Full Cloth, but I also want the ABC Mantle that comes with the Ver.Ka. Arrggh...decisions, decisions...maybe I can fashion a cloth out of something else for it.