Saturday, September 4, 2010

HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type Part 2

The yellow fever

Some major paint job on a few parts from my HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander ^^

Dark gray or maybe black for the thigh's mecha portion.

Blue for the rings of the knee's tanks.

Light blue for the inner side of the Smooth Bore Gun's blades and the handle of the Carbon Blade.

Some detailing to be done for the camera eye as well - will work on this in another review.

Gundam Marker used for the rings and weapons: blue from SEED set and light blue from SEED Destiny set.

It's great to see that Gundam Blue for the rings turns out to be in the same tone as the legs. ^^

A bit of details inside the tank you'll never see after assembly ^^;

Painted light blue for the weapon parts. More layers needed to cover up the black base color.

Thighs are paint using Gundam Marker Dark Gray from SEED set.

Some pondering on painting the interior of the thrusters.
Left in gray like this and they look somewhat plain. ^^;

Will be using paper clip and Tack-It Adhesive to hold the thrusters while they dry off with the paint after this.

Done with the yellow paint. ^^
Round interior is a big problem for Gundam Marker. I just used the good old paint-it-with-a-toothpick trick to get through the task.

For me, they must be painted to look good. The overall color scheme for this unit is dark in nature: blue, dark gray and lighter gray. A color for certain parts on the model that will make it stand out a bit would be good, but it has to be reasonable too - no gold or silver this time because there are no related parts that need these colors, even though I like them very much. ^^; The interior of the thrusters seems like a good place, since many other MSs have "fiery" colors set for the interior of their thrusters.

Now that I think of it when writing this posting, I'm not quite sure why I pick yellow over all other possible colors for the interior of the thrusters. ^^; I was considering red for a while but yellow would stand out better I think. Gundam Marker Red can look to be dark in its tone when other colors around it (blue and dark gray in this case) are dark-toned.

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