Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 15

Skeleton Gundam, attack!

Putting all the inner frame components completed in Part 14 to form Skeleton Gundam ^^

All the components.

A bit lacking in details for a complete frame in my opinion - with comparison to MG Gundam F91 that has a very similar frame to this.

With beam saber, a weapon that doesn't really require special mentioning in terms of its assembly I suppose. ^^

Face open mode will block the eyes it seems. Maybe the mask isn't supposed to be lifted too high above the hidden vents.

Perfect kneeling pose with just the inner frame. Looking at how little space there is between the thigh and the waist in this pose, I'm quite pessimistic about the completed model's ability to perform this pose.

Not dedicated mount piece included for the model to be connected to Action Display Base 1, so one of the connectors from the base itself is used.

Comparison with MG F91.

With just the inner frame, it's easy to tell that Crossbone Gundam will be a bit taller than Gundam F91 when completed.

Will be reviewing the component that will complete the entire frame - the transformable Core Fighter in the next posting.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pun with the Skeleton Gundam~ LOL