Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Figma Takara Miyuki Summer Fuku Ver. Part 1

Very long overdue

A very long overdue review for this figure indeed: Max Factory's Figma Takara Miyuki summer fuku Ver. ^^;

Frequent readers to my main blog and this one will remember her cameo appearances in one or two previous postings, but this would be the first actual review of this figure.

I have the winter fuku ver., which I like just as much as this one. Merchandising wise, I believe it was about a year in between the release of the 2 figures, the winter fuku being the first release obviously. The long pause between the 2 uniform versions seems really long especially considering all the 4 lead characters in their summer uniforms appeared in the anime as early as Episode 3.

One of my favorite scenes, Konata's "Miyuki-san, good job!" features the 4 girls in summer uniforms.

I suppose the folks at Max Factory were discussing over that 1 year whether to release the other girls as individual packages, or bundled with the 4 girls' summer fuku ver. If that's the case, it seems that they picked the latter. ^^

Box design feature blue sky with cloud (representing summer maybe?) to be match the blue uniform.

Comparison with the winter fuku ver. Pretty much the same feel in terms of design.

Straight out of the box.

The "wallpaper" included this time: blue sky with cloud ^^

All the accessories: Nyamo the cat, 2 types of face expression parts, Minami Iwasaki's head part, Miyuki's hair part without her glasses, 4 pairs of option hair units, the standard Figma stand and seal bag.

Clear sticker sheet featuring various face expressions you can paste onto the "blank" face part included. Some of the designs are pretty wacky XD

More images of this figure in the next posting.

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