Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 16

My name is compact

The Core Fighter of MG Crossbone Gundam is a very exciting design in my opinion. Small as it is, a complete transformation into the core block of Crossbone Gundam is possible. Apart from the transformation, there are various challenges to the design when it comes to docking it with the Gundam itself, for example, the cockpit hatch of the fighter must match that on the Gundam so that it can be opened in either mode, the beam guns' position in fighter mode should look fine, but can ultimately fit into their mount racks above the Gundam's chest after the transformation. It's great to see that all these features can be executed perfectly on the finished model. It's almost like the conclusion of all the strengths from previous releases with Core Fighter. Very nice. ^^

Of course, when MG V Gundam Ver. Ka was released last year, the level was pushed even higher than ever before. ^^

All the parts for the main body.

All the parts for the binders.

Main body completed.

All the binders completed.

Quite an unorthodox design for a Core Fighter. Looks more like a space freighter. XD

Cockpit hatch can be opened.

Yellow paint of the thrusters' interior works out well. ^^

All the binders fold in nicely and will stay in place firmly to form an octagon when viewed directly from behind.

Not much to be seen on the bottom of the fighter.

Size comparison with MG GP01's Core Fighter and the non-transformable one from HGUC Gundam RX-78-2.

Longer in terms of total length, but the body is so much smaller.

Transformation is very easy and smooth.

The binders form a perfect 'X'.

From certain angles, the binders look like a giant 4-prong grasper. ^^

The painted gold and silver hydraulic pipes of the binder work out nicely too. ^^

Docking with the Gundam.

Fit into the chest space very nicely.
(And I think I said 'nicely' too many times in this posting alone ^^;)

Both the Gundam and the Core Fighter's cockpit hatches can be opened, but the head needs to be tilted back a bit to give way to Gundam's hatch.

Moving on to assembling the weapons in the next posting, which will include the almighty Peacock Smasher. ^^

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