Friday, September 17, 2010

MSIA Zudah Unit 1 Part 3

Average articulation is good enough

More images of MSIA Zudah and an introduction of its articulation features.

Head can turn to the left and right, and can be lifted upwards just a bit.
Mono-eye camera is fixed, unfortunately.

Waist turns to the left and right.

Shield can be flipped from the front to the back of the arm.
Elbow articulation is pretty good, allowing the arm to be bent for a wide degree.

One of Zudah's unconventional design - forearm can be extended for a sudden punch. XD

Leg articulation is pretty average.

Knee joint is strong enough to support a one-legged stand. ^^

Nothing too fancy about the articulation of this figure, just average, which doesn't really bother me at all since I don't really have any expectation of it in this area. The articulation is not as good as the HGUC plamo kit version. You will see that in a comparison by the end of the whole review.

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Anonymous said...

The arm extension isn't for a sudden punch, it's what the Zudah uses to grab its tomahawk from its leg.