Sunday, September 19, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 14

Modified MG Gundam F91

Sidetrack a bit from supposedly the last part of the review on MSIA Zudah as I'm still working on the photo collection of the figure to post them onto Photobucket - a feature I always include for the last part of a certain review on my blog. ^^

So, I've decided to return to MG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth left off since May for the final assembly. For the entire review, I believe there will be quite a few postings to follow as this kit is well known for its abundant of weapons and gimmicks, and not forgetting the transformation too. Apart from the Core Fighter, a few of its weapons are transformable as well.

As the name "Full Cloth" suggests, the cloth armor will need some special mentioning as well. ^^

Since this MG has a complete inner frame to show off - up till the head, the first part of the assembly will focus on getting the whole frame done.

Parts for the arms.

Some of the parts are different in design, but articulation and assembly method are just the same as MG Gundam F91.

Parts for the legs.

Extremely thin knee joint is extremely thin. ^^
Without the cover, it's just 0.5cm thick, and we are entrusting the model's ability to hold the weight of its upper body and all action pose on this small part. ^^

Completed. Not as complicated as Gundam F91's leg design, with less mecha details too.

Articulation range is the same as that on Gundam F91 though.

The frame of the ankle guard is probably the only most significant difference between the leg design of this model and Gundam F91.

Ball joint for the ankle is working pretty good despite having no polycap at all.

Parts for the waist.

All the different sections of the skirt armors are designed with some gimmicks, so in terms of inner frame, this simple component is what you're going to get. XD

Something not available on MG Gundam F91: frame for the shoulder armor.
Just 2 parts for each shoulder.

Parts for the body's inner frame.
The parts need to be assembled with the blue armors.

The "real" frame of the body - a simple component containing the waist and shoulder joints.

Separable components. The neck will be assembled on the armor itself.

A huge space in the middle of the chest is for mounting the Core Fighter.

Movable cockpit hatch.

Parts for the head's inner frame.

Foil sticker for the eyes and rear sensor.

One of Crossbone Gundam's distinctive feature: mask that can be opened.
A very delicate part this is. ^^;

A look at the completed frame and the overall articulation in the next posting, which should be after the last part of the review on MSIA Zudah.

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