Sunday, September 12, 2010

1/100 Legend Gundam Part 4

Sudden change of mood

Return to work on my 1/100 Legend Gundam.

After the first round of painting on Friday, things started to turn easy now. ^^

Painted gray for the chest vernier.

"Restoring" the red interior of the back thruster.

For such a narrow space, some paint from a bottle of red whiteboard marker ink would make the work extremely easy.

Not just the interior, the exterior is painted as well.
Didn't do anything to clean off the excess paint outside the thruster since it'll be covered by another part.

Like this.

Bottom of the feet is painted in gray to be consistent with the ankle.

The tip of the larger Dragoons' thrusters is painted with red just to make it a little more interesting - originally not in the manual. ^^

All the smaller dragoons are panel-lined.
That's 8 x 2 sides there. ^^;

Clean up and panel-lining for the gold and silver hydraulic pipes on the ankles.

The upper part and the end of the beam rifle are painted in white.
The light gray portion has been panel-lined as well.

A little bit of gray and red for the details on the side of the rifle.
The red paint near the targeting sensor's base is according to the manual.

The white part of the beam rifle is not painted fully actually, since I'll be using the foil stickers included on this portion of the rifle. Except for the end of the rifle, the painted area is the part where the foil sticker won't cover.

Will be working on parts of the backpack next. ^^

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