Monday, September 20, 2010

MSIA Zudah Unit 1 Part 6 [Final]

Elbow this!

The last part of my review on MSIA Zudah Unit 1 looks at the comparison between the action figure and the HGUC plamo kit version.

A darker shade of blue is used for the MSIA version.

Because I couldn't paint the model in the same camouflage scheme as seen in the anime, the model turns out to be the backup unit instead. That's the most I could do for this model back in July 2007.

Anyway, as you can see from the image above, proportion wise, the model kit version definitely has the upper hand with slimmer legs and arms, but what about the "actual" hand? ^^

Not lift for the elbow joint there for the MSIA version ...

... but the elbow can bend upwards - something not possible for its plamo equivalence.
A bit of a surprise there I suppose. ^^

With the 135mm anti-ship cannon from the plamo kit.

The oversize cannon is made to be even more outstanding given the smaller size of the figure.

Again, as mentioned since Part 2, I have no idea what happened at the design table for the Heat Hawk to be so tiny. XD

Comparison with HGUC Char's Zaku II.

Different product series, different scale, different design, same pose. ^^

Weapon wise, MSIA Zudah has 2 Sturm Fausts, as opposed to just one on the plamo kit version, but then again, the 135mm anti-ship cannon that is absent in the earlier made the extra Sturm Faust just a minor advantage for the MSIA version.

A very fun little figure this is I would say. The paint scheme is very impressive for an MSIA release, which is already enough for me, since I like the design of the mobile suit Zudah very much.

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