Saturday, September 18, 2010

MSIA Zudah Unit 1 Part 4

Fearsome image not diminished

Let's have a look at how MSIA Zudah Unit 1 is doing in action. ^^

As I hope for really, the colorful shield is a huge attraction for me. While the action seems rather basic, the nice paint scheme really adds a lot of points to this figure. I mean, most earlier G.F.F. figures don't move very well too, but they are very nice to look at. I feel the same for this figure as well. More importantly, the design of the head is very loyal to the design, which helps to portray Zudah's fearsome image through his mono-eye camera.

Some of the signature moves can be performed very well, like holding the Zaku Machine Gun with two hands, having the left hand on the handle of the shield while the spikes are deployed and the very flexible positioning of the shield in front and behind the arm, so it's very a fun figure to have actually.

The Heat Hawk again, is quite a funny thing to see. I had to let Zudah grabbing the end of the ax instead of the actual handle just to make the whole weapon look longer and more powerful. XD

Next up: more images of Zudah, with a display stand added. ^^

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