Saturday, September 4, 2010

HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type Part 3


More painting on various parts of my HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type, but more on the smaller and even optional parts this time.

Just like the ground type, the magazine barrel of the Smooth Bore Gun's 2 ends are painted using Gundam Marker White.

A bit of panel-lining when the multiple layers of white paint have completed dried.

Interior of the elbow and knuckle armors are painted in black using normal markers.

Same black marker treatment for the ankle armor.

The base of the thrusters above the chest, molded entirely in blue should be in gray to show that it's part of the thruster, not the body armor.

Just painted using Gundam Marker Gray.

The paint spillover on the thruster nozzles are scratched off and all the parts panel-lined.

Back to the ground type's foil sticker trick for the targeting sensor over the chest in front of the head.

The interior of the wire grasper is painted black (normal marker again).

The container of the wire grasper is supposed to be in orange as shown in the manual, a match to the orange chest component beneath that it's mounting onto.

I can't find a suitable color that can match the orange foil sticker really, so I thought I should just leave the container in gray, just like all the other special equipments included with the kit.

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